Paradise for songwriters and music lovers (part deux)

One of our favorite parts of our week in Hoptown was the nightly shows with the songwriters.
Coming into this, we really didn’t know what to expect. I think, that was a good thing because we were so surprised with the talent and the entertainment. EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT.
A few of our favorites.
Man, can this guy sing a tune…. man, can this guy WRITE A SONG? YES. He’s an amazing talent….and surprise, he was in our presence a few weeks later in Nashville. (that was our next destination) 

Another sweetheart and fantabulous songwriter: Django Walker. He’s a former pro basketball player and songwriter….also son of Jerry Jeff Walker; the gentleman who wrote Mr. Bojangles. You know that song, right? Well, hopefully that SONG is in your head for today as it is in mine. 🙂

I honestly could go on and on about the great music we enjoyed the entire week. 
Mark Bryan from Hootie and the Blowfish was there playing every single night; so talented. 
And do you remember that small band REM from Atlanta?  The lead guitarist and writer Mike Mills showed up one evening. Well…he was staying on a yacht near the venue, so what else did he have to do? The next time I’m on a yacht….I’m gonna hit up the local pub with my rendition of anything Yabba. 
Anyhoo. All of these talented peeps (there were so many I didn’t get pics of) are all accomplished songwriters. Wyatt Durrett was there; he’s written every song with Zac Brown. And yes, we had our toes in the water,  Azz in the sand….
Since the songwriters didnt perform until 7 pm; we had all day to laze around or have little adventures. 
One day we took Don’s boat island hopping.
We stopped at Green Turtle cay. 
We had a fabulous lunch at the Green Turtle Yacht club; we left some $$ on the ceiling so we could go back one day and NOT find it. 

We did some walking around the cute little island too. One thing I loved about all the Bahamian Islands is how friendly the people are. SO stinking nice and they all had big ole smiles on their faces. So many days we were out and we saw all the kiddos leaving school in their cute plaid uniforms….happy people. There’s something to be said for living on a small island where there is virtually no crime.

I’m gonna do one more post to finish this trip up; I’ve got some pictures I want to share so I won’t forget about this trip when the old age hits me in a few weeks years.


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