This, That and the Other Thing-I’m a hand washing, bunny loving, plant nerd.

1) Whenever I see the “Employees must wash their hands” signs, it always conjures up images of me telling my girls to do the same. When.they.were.five.
Who doesn’t know this? Well, apparently not everyone knows and therefore has to be told over and over. 

So, this sign in a public restroom cracked me up.

2) I’ve had this rabbit in and around my yard since 2010; Maribel. 
A few weeks ago, I walked out and she was in this state.

Her ear was removed fell off and she’s now holding it.  I asked her how it happened, but apparently, she couldn’t hear me.

3) A few weeks ago my MIL and I were visiting our favorite place; my local plant nursery. This is where I find cute garden things and unusual plants and of course, my NON pesticide sprayed milkweed for my monarchs. We were both enthralled by these shamrock plants. We had to have one each. How cute is it? And how nerdy am I that I get excited about plants? 

Happy weekend!

5 thoughts on “This, That and the Other Thing-I’m a hand washing, bunny loving, plant nerd.

  1. #1 after 50 years of being in business, I can tell you that employees can be like kids!#2 Gorilla Glue.#3 I've been excited with plants and have made it my career.


  2. Anonymous

    I am reminded of the joke with the chocolate Easter bunny with one ear eaten off saying \”huh?\” lolI love your plant. So sweet! My cats won't allow me to have any potted plants!That sign is cute. Don't run with scissors, too!


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