The Bookface

I officially want to change LOL to LSH.

My favorite sport is to Laugh SO Hard, so there you go.

And here is where I have a little venting session:

I used to love Facebook. It brought me some joy, some smiles and some LSH’ing.
Lately, though, it only brings me AF (annoyed face),  BF (bored face)  and RABF (really annoyed bored face).

It’s bothered me so much, that I finally deleted it off of my smartphone….and suddenly, my smartphone became much smarter.

No more notifications of someone updating their status (A) or someone adding a photo (B).

Because A) The status update is one of a few things.
               1) It’s the sharing of an OLD status update. (memories)
               2) It’s them sharing a picture/photo/meme that isn’t actually theirs either.

In other words: nothing is being posted that is actually original, new or fresh.

Because B) Their update is actually a photo/meme/article stating…..

               1)  PRO gun control.
               2) ANTI gun control.
               3) A recipe for crack chicken. Or some other meal.

I recall when I enjoyed opening up my FB and seeing my friends posting cute pictures of their kids, grandkids, a new garden, or a miniature donkey doing flips on the trampoline in their backyard.

Nope. Gone. No more fun to see here.

So, when I started becoming more annoyed than joyed, I started to limit myself.

Guess what. I only check it on occasion when I’m on my laptop and I usually have a lot of built up notifications. (35 or more?)

And guess what else, people are still annoying me a little bit, but it’s my own fault for checking it at all.
And then I dig deep inside myself and I wonder, is it THEM, or is it ME? Maybe I’m just easily annoyed lately?
Damn whoremoans.   
Maybe I’m the ISSUE?

I really need to LSH, so apparently, I need some time with my girls and luckily, I’ll see them both on Easter.

Have a great day and I hope you get to LSH and not get all AF or RABF.


5 thoughts on “The Bookface

  1. I actually never started FB at all because it just doesn't seem real to me.More like a manufactured version of life. Blogging is enough for me!!So thanks for all your visits & comments!


  2. Anonymous

    My goal is to make you LSH! I'm not a fan of fb, the few snobs from high school that I tried to reconnect with are still snobs! I wish you all a nice Easter. Lots of hugs.xo


  3. I feel the same way. I no longer look forward to visiting FB like I used to. I get tired of all the political rants and all the reposts of the same thing. I am getting a bit burned out on media period. xo Diana


  4. omg i get so annoyed with it too! mostly because of a couple of local moms…one can't stop bragging every 15 minutes and the other can't stop posting selfies every 15 minutes…gah!! i don't have it on my phone either but check when bored haha…ok, i'm going to start lsh-ing on all your posts now 😀


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