Finding my giddy

I think I forgot to tell you that when we were coming home from Nashville a few weeks ago, we spent some time in the Delta lounge at the airport. Guess who was in there with us?
You’ll never guess, but please try.
You won’t even try?
It was Kathie Lee Gifford. 
She was sweet, friendly and as cute as a button. I have to admit, I wasn’t always a fan of hers, but she’s grown on me over the years. In a good way, not like bad moles or barnacles. And, she’s SUPER tiny. I had no idea. 
Since I was in such a tizzy yesterday over mundane social media…. let’s talk about something that makes me REALLY giddy. 
The butters in my garden. *Sigh* they do make me smile. 
If you’d told me 10 years ago that I’d be a happy camper and smile just seeing butterflies, then I’d tell you “I ain’t got time to think about butterflies”!

I’ve evolved. 
It took a while after hurricane Irma to get things going again; no butterflies to be seen for a while, but we’re back in butterfly business now. 
Of course, I’ve got monarch caterpillars a plenty….I have to be careful where I walk in and around the garden because sometimes they get crazy and stray far away. They really need boundaries, but they’re against that. 
A fifth instar monarch cat; he’s close to being ‘full’ and then wandering off to make his chrysalis. 

I’m not sure if I mentioned that another native butterfly to our area is the Gulf Fritillary; I would see them feeding in our garden on my nectar plants. Finally, I planted some Passion Vine (which is what the butters lay their eggs on and then the larva/cats feed on) It was soon after I planted the passion vine that I started seeing their larva. 
Not quite as cute as the monarch larva….actually, they look kinda scary. Surely this is to keep predators from eating them. 
 But, they become beautiful butterflies. They’re harder to photograph because they don’t feed as long or stay still as much as my monarchs. They really should slow down and smell the roses. 🙂 
Wishing you all a great day doing whatever makes you giddy. 

9 thoughts on “Finding my giddy

  1. I love butterflies, and so rarely see them in my yard as I really don't have any good plants for them. I must make a butterfly garden! We do see them aplenty when we go camping though, and then I am in butter heaven. (If they would only be still long enough for me to take a photo!)


  2. these shots make me crave spring even more … love spring. it has been an odd one around here in VA. suppose to be rainy here all week long … that has not happened so far? we will see. have a great week. thanks for your visit. take care. & eat a snack you gotta cure that hungry part of ya. LOL!! ( ;


  3. My daughter and I went to see a butterfly 'exhibit' (living) at our botanical gardens. It was stunning and super fun to try to get a good pic of them. But you can just go crowds! ; ) I love Kathie Lee Gifford. She's kind of a hot mess sometimes, but I used to watch her every morning for years. I think she has a good heart. Hubs went overseas a few months ago and flew back home with Chip and Joanna Gaines. Gah! He snuck me a couple pics of them in the holding area before they boarded. He never saw them on the plane but saw them again in baggage. I didn't get to see them when I picked him up though. Womp womp.


  4. …Hi there, I will be hosting Willy-Nilly. The Willy-Nilly meme opens at 12:00 AM eastern time each Friday and closes at 11:55 on Monday. Please stop by!


  5. how fun to run into kathy lee! i used to watch her and regis but stopped when she left the show…never really liked the new girl lol…i also like the kathy lee and hoda skit on snl…was she like that?!! you are the butterfly whisperer!


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