You get a spirit, you get a spirit and YOU get a spirit!

On Saturday night my girls and I went to the Theresa Caputo Live Experience. 
Have you ever watched her show on TLC, The Long Island Medium? 
She’s got spirit, yes she do, she’s got spirit, how about you?
Ok, that improper grammar just hurts.

Anyhoo, my Mom was a big fan of Theresa and saw her in person a few times. (She always hoped her Mom or my Brother might come through) You can do a personal reading with her, but she’s limited on appointments and you have to travel to Long Island. I’m a fan of travelling to islands, but not that one.
She’s not psychic, but (according to her) spirits speak through her. I’m really wondering if the spirits channel information through Theresa’s extremely large hair-do? If so, I’ll never hear from anyone with this flat mop of mine.

Is she real? Is she a great hoax? 
Not 100% sure.

At the show (in a smallish concert hall) she walks through the audience and gets feelings and talks to people who have spirits coming through. I honestly thought at first that the people in the audience could be ‘planted’ there. But then, so much of what she was saying to them was totally off the wall….and extremely emotional. Lolo and I cried through most of it and Lolo NEVER cries.

Sadly, we were up in the balcony section, so she didn’t come through our area because I was so hoping my Mom was there with us.

So, as I was wavering back and forth on the legitimacy of it all, Theresa started talking to a lady in the audience that I actually KNEW! I was shocked. Now, this is not a close friend of mine at all….I’ve met her a few times and her husband worked for our company for 10 years before they married. He no longer works for us, so contact has been diminished. BUT, the things Theresa was saying to her, was legit.

My Aunt has a theory that Theresa’s people search you out via social media to get some info on you and she’s wearing an earpiece in that big hair of hers. Me? I’m not so sure.
I do believe we have spirits/souls around us.
And, I lived in that haunted house for a few years. That house had a very active spirit.

So, whether it was real or not, it was an interesting evening spent with two of my favorite people.

Happy Monday Ya’ll.


photo of Theresa borrowed from her site. 

4 thoughts on “You get a spirit, you get a spirit and YOU get a spirit!

  1. way back when we did have cable … yes, i did watch her, i love her style, 'cause it is not like the normal i see around here in VA, i prefer folks who walk their own walk and don't care what others think!! love that. … cute family. i kind of like her husband best, his style … he seemed like a good combo for her. not sure if i believe it not? ( ;


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