That time I almost bought things that I don’t need, enjoying May and all my friends are turning 50.

I hopped in my car from the gym the other day and dropped my phone in the seat next to my lap. When I arrived at my destination, I picked up my phone just in time to verify which address I wanted the 14 Amazon echo Dot’s that I’d ordered to be delivered to.
What the what?
Yeah, my thigh thought we needed those.
*that was a close one*
Smartphones might be a little to easy to work where my leg is concerned.

It’s May! Well, it’s actually May 4th.
I always enjoy May; it brings Mother’s day and our wedding anniversary.
And this May, we have a weekend with our besties planned, then I have a ‘surprise destination’ trip with girlfriends and we also have a date with Billy Currington. All.GOOD.STUFF.

This week one of my favorite friends turned 50 and boy oh boy, does she make 50 look good. She claims that ‘stress’ will do that to you! Gosh do I love her and I so wish she had less stress in her life.


Here we are on my 40th birthday almost 11 years ago. 
We’ve been friends for around 20 years; and dare I say, I think we look better now!

Have a fantastic weekend doing whatever it is that you do on the weekend. If you need me, I’ll be enjoying friends, the Coach and perhaps a margarita. Cinco De Mayo baby!


7 thoughts on “That time I almost bought things that I don’t need, enjoying May and all my friends are turning 50.

  1. It sounds as if your smartphone is too smart — just keep it away from your thigh! You and your friend both make 50 look good (and young). Enjoy the weekend.


  2. Billy Currington????? I'm totally jealous…. He's one of my fav's……Yes–you and your good friend both look better NOW….. Congrats!!!!I talked about a new book you would enjoy reading on my blog today….Hugs,Betsy


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