The family is dwindling

This past weekend my Uncle Alan passed away; he was my Dad’s younger (and only) sibling. He’s always been pretty special to me.
He was essentially the caretaker of my G’ma ever since I can remember….even when she really didn’t need a caretaker, but she liked having someone in the house with her. He was always kind, sweet, pleasant and goofy. You know the type; never had a bad thing to say about anyone or anything, but could tell fart jokes on the hour.

 He was an amazing bowler and honestly, he lived such a simple life. He played on many leagues and was in the newspaper countless times for his ‘perfect’ games. He worked in a grocery store, bowled, attened chuch, loved his kids and grandkids and enjoyed watching sports. No internet. No cell phone. No drama.

He loved to pick on me, especially about all the silly things I did as a kid. Which I really only did one or two things as I was nearly perfect.

Suz and Uncle Alan circa late 80’s. 

 Some of my longtime readers may recall that he got married almost 5 years ago to his Junior High sweetheart. Wait, does anyone still read my blog? Anyhoo….my heart breaks for his widow.

My Dad, Suz, and sweet Uncle Alan. Going to church circa 80’s.

He was the last of my Dad’s family for that generation. My uncle has two sons, my cousins that are a bit younger than I am. But, I’m getting this weird feeling that a huge part of my family history is gone now.

Of course, the first person I wanted to call after I found out after he’d passed was my Mom.

He was still living in the house that he grew up in, the same house (Miami) that I spent countless summers at with my Grandparents. Those were some of the best moments of my childhood. He and my Dad were total opposites. Alan was kind, quiet and easy going. Total opposites.

I’ll forever miss him and I’ll forever always remember his silly laugh and his oh-so-corny jokes.

God speed Uncle Alan.

9 thoughts on “The family is dwindling

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Suz, My deepest sympathy in your loss. Uncle Alan sounds like a great guy. Love the bowling photo especially. Fun to see you with him and your dad, also. God bless his dear widow and all of you who loved him so. xo


  2. It is hard emotionally to lose anyone but especially someone you enjoyed being with so much. You are young for this to be happening – – -but as the older relatives passed away, she would say, \”It's almost time for me to be the top tier.\” My husband and I have been top tier for at least a dozen years now – – – no older generation – – just us and the siblings.


  3. I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your Uncle Alan. He sounds like someone very special. Like Lynda above, Steve and I are now in the top tier. It's kind of shocking to think that no one is left from either of our parents' generation.


  4. This is the sweetest post. He sounds so special. I'm so sorry. It is hard when you look around and see the generations before us dwindling. Relatives all gone. And like you said, the ones you want to tell the most about something like this, gone as well. It's hard. Hugs.


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