I’m surprised that the anticipation is killing me

We’ve been having a week or two with our Cocoa and some health issues. *heavy sigh* 
I’ll have to update soon, but right now, she is stable. 


Thank you for all your sweet words and condolences regarding my very special Uncle Alan.  We got through his memorial service. I was terrified to get up and speak, but I felt I needed to do this for him; it was actually a beautiful day with family remembering a wonderful man. 


Kelly and I have talked for years about taking a girls trip together. The boys don’t have an issue planning a weekend away; car shows, ATV trips, more car shows…they always have a good time and we knew we’d have fun as well if ONLY we could just plan something.

But we couldn’t decide.

We chose to have a surprise trip.
We chose for strangers to plan the trip because we couldn’t choose a destination ourselves.

We found Pack Up and Go.

Our friend Marcia said she wanted to go on a girls trip too.
Then our friend Michelle said she’d love to join us.

So, we’re about to pack up and go this Friday morning.


That’s the beauty of it. They plan your trip; flights, hotel, (loose) itinerary.

We’ve had some clues of things to pack and weather that we may encounter, but other than that….we’re clueless.
Being clueless is something I excel at.

We’ll find out our destination when we arrive at the AIRPORT on Friday morning.

For reals. 

We’re really excited. We may end up in Jonestown, OH. (that’s the Coach’s guess)
But hey, I’ve never been to Ohio.
No matter where we end up, we’ll have a good time.

I’ll let you know next week where they send us…and I’m sure there will be a lot of laughs.

Wishing you a good surprise or two this weekend.


8 thoughts on “I’m surprised that the anticipation is killing me

  1. Holy Cow—never heard of that…. BUT–knowing you and your friends, just being together having fun is the main thing. SO–no matter where you go, you will have a great time…. Curious me can't wait to see where 'they' take you on this surprise trip…Hugs,Betsy


  2. OMGOSH! I can't imagine. I will be anxious to hear how it goes. WHAT FUN!!!! Good for you for being daring enough to go somewhere without knowing where you are going. I hope it is not to the edge of the volcano! xo Diana


  3. I could never not plan my own trip, but good luck ladies. I'm sure you you will have a great time where ever you go because you have each other. 🙂


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