That time we visited Philly. **Our Pack Up + Go experience**

Remember last week when I said my friends and I were flying off to a surprise destination…..hey, it wasn’t that long ago.
We swore that by the clues that we were going to NYC, Boston or Chicago. I love Chicago and I’ve only been to Boston once so I would have enjoyed another visit there.
NYC? Well, that is not my favorite place to visit.
But, in the voice of Gomer Pyle, SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE, they sent us to Philadelphia.
**playing Elton John’s Philadelphia Freedom in the background**
I couldn’t have been more surprised if I’d woke up with my hair stapled to the carpet.
But ya’ll, we were excited and it was a great choice on the part of Pack Up + Go!
I didn’t even know I wanted to visit Philadelphia until we were in the air!
We were mailed a full envelope of all our trip details; hotel, some scheduled items, and lots of suggestions; we opened this in the parking garage of the airport just to see where we were going. Then we read more of the details once we were on the plane.
We went with a fairly big budget (2k each-we wanted to assure we had nice accommodations) for our weekend (you choose this when you make your initial reservations) I believe you can spend less and still have an amazing adventure.
So, they booked us two rooms at the Ritz Carlton in Philly. I know, we pretty much slummed it.
We had a $200 gift card for Uber, dinner reservations for our first night and a $300 gift card towards it at Estia. (absolutely amazing food and service) We had tickets to the Museum of Art, pre-paid spa reservations for a facial and massage, and a walking food tour booked on Saturday.
And in the middle of all that, we walked the city and ate at a few of the recommended spots by PU+GO; all of their suggestions were awesome.
Yo, Adriaannnnnn!
Our Saturday was wet. It rained from sun up to sun down….and honestly, I’m exaggerating because the sun never came out that day. BUT, we had a great time nonetheless!
City Hall at night with the spooky fog rolling in.
William Penn is up there somewhere….
 I highly recommend this type of surprise trip to anyone who likes a bit of adventure and surprise in their life. (BTW: speaking of surprises, if I see one more gender reveal party clip, I’m gonna take my eye out with both a pink and a blue spoon)
We travel quite a bit and sometimes it becomes a chore to make plans; this was so nice as I didn’t have to plan anything aside from the date we preferred.
City Hall during the day when it’s 
Did PU+GO ask me to review them? NO WAY JOSE. But I’m a giver and I love to share good things with my friends or anyone else that will listen to me.
Have a great day! Has anyone been on a surprise trip before? 
The Coach surprised me years ago with a trip to NYC and it was so darn sweet….well until I realized I’m not really a fan of NYC. See, he can’t win, can he?

8 thoughts on “That time we visited Philly. **Our Pack Up + Go experience**

  1. Anonymous

    I love learning about new (to me) things! Didn't know about this process but it sounds like great fun! Love your photos. Wishing you guys a nice Memorial Day weekend.


  2. I'm glad you had a great time in Philadelphia. I was there many, many years ago and enjoyed my visit as well. The idea of a pack and go vacation sounds interesting.


  3. I love that you loved it and you all had a great trip. I am so weird about trips that I would not be able to be hands off and let somebody else plan my trip. Almost said, tell me where to go and how to get there. Ha. It looks like a beautiful city, rain aside. Will you use them again for future fun?


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