Going cone-less

Last Sunday Cocoa was finally freed!

The Dr. removed her final (fourth!) set of sutures and we removed the cone of shame.
You probably know it’s actually called and E-collar. It took me a mintue to figure out that meant Elizabethan collar. 
I is smart.

I think she felt about 20lbs lighter.

I swear she was feeling bummed, depressed, sad the last few days of that cone. (after 3/12 weeks)

Now, she’s back to her normal and happy self.
Eating her vittles with a side of greenbeans, snacking on banana’s whenever she can and happily napping in the sun.

Life is good.


8 thoughts on “Going cone-less

  1. FREE — free at last! If only our pets could understand when we tell them to LEAVE the stitches ALONE! But they don't and they won't. Hopefully she will not have to have another surgery – – – ever!


  2. So glad The Cone is gone. Yay. And yay that you don't have to obsess over him being good to his stitches anymore. I didn't know it was called an E collar for the longest time, if that makes you feel better. Ha.


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