Butterflies and Suz is flying across the world.

It’s been a banner week here with my butterfly lifestyle hobby.
I’ve released 22 healthy and happy monarchs.
How do I know they’re happy? 
Well, a better question is how do I know they aren’t?

I’ve even found TWO queen caterpillars in the garden and rescued them; I’ll share pics of them when they eclose in a week or two. They also feast on milkweed. 
My life revolves around keeping my milkweed supply healthy and plentiful or else the natives become restless. 
Monarch on left, queen on the right. 

Y’all I’m so excited! I’m in the midst of planning the trip of a lifetime. Well, of MY lifetime.
My girl Kelly and I are going on a 13-day journey through New Zealand in September!
Never EVER did I think I would make a trek that far; but we’re both so excited. It’s been fun and a bit daunting planning it all, but it will be worth it.
Leaving on a Wednesday and arriving on Friday is kinda weird….I’m still wrapping my brain around that part.

In case you don’t read the news, Kelly and I love wine. And specifically white wine from the
Marlborough region on New Zeland.
She and I may solely be responsible for the vineyards/regions success.
You’re welcome New Zealand.

We’re going to our homeland. Surprisingly, that is not the first reason for this trip, although it’s a good one. There is a real reason this trip planning started and I’ll share that little tidbit later.

While there, we will be on a road trip for most of our visit. Picture Thelma and Louise….minus “the driving off the cliff” at the end part. *fingers crossed*

Has anyone been to NZ? 

But before then, we’ve got some exciting stuff happening…*someone* is graduating from college (woot-woot!) and we have a huge fundraiser for Veterans that we’re super excited about.

Happy Humpday!


7 thoughts on “Butterflies and Suz is flying across the world.

  1. Im envious — I've always wanted to visit New Zealand. I hope you'll have a great time and take lots of pictures to share. Congratulations to the college grad!


  2. I've been following someone on instagram who just started their monarch journey and I thought of you. It's amazing watching each step. I imagine it is satisfying watching those butterflies begin their journey…happy, of course.


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