Unexpected sparks of joy could start a fire

I’m a tidy person.
Almost an ‘anal retentive tidy’ kind of person.

I like a simple, warm and NON cluttered home. 

So, this past Saturday the Coach was away….and there were no good movies to watch, so I settled in to watch a few episodes of Tidying Up on Netflix.
I’d heard of Marie Kondo; she did the talk show circuit a while ago promoting her latest book.
I recall her catchphrase: Spark Joy. Only have items that spark joy. 
I kind of thought that catchphrase was bs.
Nothing in my closet really sparks joy….aside from my non-yoga doing yoga pants.

But, as I watched her assist people with tidying/organizing their closets, kitchens, their lives…..I must say, that kind of sparked something into me.

So, I did what she suggested. Kind of.
For your closet, she said to take out EVERYTHING and put it on your bed.
I modified this by taking one hanging rack and putting it on my bed. I went through all the items and really cleaned house.
Then I went through each drawer doing the same and then using her folding methods when putting items back in.

My tank top drawer is phenomenal 

My hanging stuff was less stuffed now. It’s always been hung by color though….anything other than that is unacceptable; unless you’re some sort of monster.  

I realized something.
That little Marie Kondo sparked some joy into me. Especially the folding part.

Even my workout pant, gym shorts, yoga pants drawer is a thing of beauty

You can check her out on Youtube for the folding parts….ya know, if you are into that kind of thing.
I was really most impressed with my underwear drawer, but I’ll keep that one to myself.

Am I the only one who gets giddy from an organized nest?

9 thoughts on “Unexpected sparks of joy could start a fire”

  1. LOL- It must be seasonal. I just did my closet, too. I have one more to do. I also didn't get to my drawers yet but that is coming. I have watched two or three of her shows. She is as cute as can be. Good job, kiddo….feels good, doesn't it? xo Diana


  2. Oh my closet is begging for some attention. I did go in there and eliminate a few things over Christmas break. There is much work still to do. My workout clothes drawer has an entire layer of clothes I no longer wear. I just ordered some new workout shirts, so now might be the time to eliminate the yucky stuff. I am not a neat nick. I could never show a picture of my bedroom without spending lots of prep time in there. Everywhere I turn right now this Marie Condo is all the rage! (Incidentally my hubby is 'Coach' on my blog too!)


  3. I am a strange soul. My home must be neat and clean and orderly. My closet? Not so much. I'm not sure why. Every now and then I go on a cleaning flurry but then I gradually allow the same old mess to accumulate.


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