TGIF~Does this couch make my dogs look small? Carbs or starve?

It’s been a busy and productive week at Casa Busy Bee.

If I’m allowed to complain, which I think I am, I am struggling with a lower back issue.
I’d love to tell how this happened because I was working out too strenuously, or that I was rock climbing, but sadly, I was sitting in a chair putting on my sneakers getting ready to start my cardio workout.

Never did I believe this would be my life.

Anyhoo’s, I’ll live.

Last week we babysat our granddog, Max. Lolo was off in D.C looking at a graduate school (fingers crossed!!) He really enjoyed his time here and away from his new little (huge) brother the Husky.
No, I didn’t offer to watch the

The dogs have taken over the couch. I’m so happy we invested in such nice furniture for them. 

 Max might suffer from boundary issues. Or he thinks he a parrot. 

 Anyhoo, Lolo loved the D.C area even though it was freezing/snowing and she is a Florida girl.

I had one of the best problems to have this week. I had TOO many tomatoes in my garden.
I decided to make stuffed ‘maters (and one lone green pepper) I didn’t use any carbs; just lean grass-fed beef, veggies, and some cheese.

They were delicious and something different than our usual dinners around these parts.
The Coach has been cutting out carbs for a while. Apparently, my NO carb cooking has seeped into my brain. The other night I had a dream that we were in a post-apocalyptic world and we’d survived. We had very little food to eat, and I was trying to get the Coach to eat potatoes, and he refused. Apparently, he’d rather starve. 

That’s all I have to get off my chest today. Looking forward to a nice weekend, just hoping my back cooperates with me!
Happy Friday Y’all!

3 thoughts on “TGIF~Does this couch make my dogs look small? Carbs or starve?

  1. Amazing how some quirky movement can set off back pain. One false step, or even putting on shoes to take the step, can do it. Take care and keep moving. Reasonable activity is better than sitting. Hope it's better soon.


  2. I had to tell you this, but when you get to be my age you can hurt your back just THINKING about putting on your shoes! Your stuffed tomatoes look delicious.


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