Taking care of the tootsies.

The busy bee herself got one of her wings clipped in early February.
Well, not my actual wing, but my toenail. I’m kinda happy about it too….I’ve been dealing with ingrown toenails for the past few years and this one took the toenail cake. (ewww)
I had the procedure that is supposed to keep that portion of my nail from EVER growing back and causing pain.

 After numbing the toe, the Dr takes one or both of the outside edges of the nail out, swabs in some phenol chemical and it will hopefully NOT grow back in that area.

35 seconds of pain (from the numbing needles) and hopefully never any more pain.
Who knew something as weird and gross as that would make me happy?
My toe healed nicely in a few weeks using Amerigel daily covered with a bandaid. Virtually no pain afterward. (I sweat the Amerigel is a miracle worker-it helped to heal a huge burn on Coach’s leg too)

Well, it was so successful and that when my other big toe started hurting from the same issue in March, I scheduled an appointment for the same Phenol procedure. Again, the worst part is the numbing needles (2 shots, lasting about 35 seconds each) and also the removal of my toenail polish.
The entire procedure takes about 15 minutes.

My Podiatrist was so moved by my ‘great patient’ status, that she gifted me with a gourmet lollipop.
Well, isn’t that special? 
See. Getting older isn’t always that horrible.

Next up—- my first colonoscopy. Don’t be jealous!


4 thoughts on “Taking care of the tootsies.

  1. The dry shampoo we use is Arm & Hammer Dry Dog and Cat Shampoo. We didn't tell Lucy it was also for cats. We order from chewy.com and they do have a variety of dry shampoos of different strengths and scents.


  2. I'm thankful your pain is now gone. I was not even aware they could treat ingrown toenails like that. I don't envy you the colonosocopy. Hope your weekend is going well. xoxoMildred


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