Da’ weekend and Da’ boat

The Coach purchased a new boat. He’s been waiting on it for about four months. He picked out everything from the paint color, the upholstery to the stitching in the upholstery. It’s HIS baby.

Quite the Coachy  catchy name, huh?

Every time I get on a friends boat or the Coach mentioned a new boat my first question is: 
Does it have a potty?
Potty good.
Well, this has a potty. 
I mean, it has a flip up lid with a bucket/toilet seat. 
Although I’d prefer a nice enclosed space with a bidet. 
Beggers can’t be choosers. 
We took a nice ride from Naples all the way to Cape Romano to see the Dome houses. I know I’ve written about them before, but they are just SO cool to see with such an interesting history. 
They used to be on land and people lived in them in the 80’s-90’s. 

When I blogged about them in 2017, there were two more structures out of the water. I’m sure Hurricane Irma didn’t help much. Or the fact that we all used so much aqua net in the 80’s. 
It was a fantastic day and we saw gobs of dolphins. I’m still a little peeved that I don’t have one as a pet, but I’m not finished asking either. 
Later that night we had a fantastic dinner/wine pairing with 8 of our friends.

I love the weekends so much, I really wish I could have more of them.

Who ate my lip balm?

Yesterday was my Mom’s heavenly birthday. She would have been 76; like the bicentennial. Goodness, I still remember what a big year 1976 was. All the hoopla. All the red, white & blue.
Anyhoo, I’m still keeping up the tradition of celebrating her in the way she would like.
Two of my besties and I have a nice Mexican lunch with a margarita in Bev’s honor.

I love that they also love this tradition. You can’t beat great friends.
Well, you could. But then they wouldn’t really like you so much, now would they?

But something cute happened this week.
On Easter Lolo’s dog, Mattis found my ‘Suz’s sitting on the couch necessities basket’ under the coffee table.

Does everyone have this? It’s all the important things I might need once I sit down for the night and don’t want to get up again:
dental floss, foot and hand cream, lip balm & eye drops.  (I’m dry I tell ya!)

Well, Mattis found my lip balm and proceeded to open it and eat the balm.
That’s NOT the cute part.
Luckily, it was on the low side, but still, Mattis should have moisturized lips for a few days.
The cute part is two days later I get a package from Amazon that I didn’t order.

Lolo replaced the lip balm X6.
I’ll check with Mattis and see which flavor he prefers and save it for him.
My girls are the best.
Also on Easter, Linds brought me flowers and candy for us both.
Mama did well.
Have I mentioned how much I really love those girls? Like.A.LOT.

Anyhoo. That’s my cute story for this week.

Have a great weekend!