Friends, wine, cheese & "I’ll be"~~these are a few of my favorite things

The day after Cocoa left us, the Coach and I flew to San Francisco.
We had this trip planned, we didn’t just flee the scene in the midst of our grief. Although, that sounds like a great reason.

Our final destination was Napa, but we got in late and spent the night in San Fran.
Kelly and Don flew with us and we had a leisurely morning doing whatever we wanted in the city knowing we didn’t need to be in Napa until we arrived there. 🙂

It’s been almost 28 years since the four of us were in San Fran together. 
Coach & I planned a stop in San Fran as part of our honeymoon and Don and Kelly being co-dependent… they tagged along for part of our H.Moon. 
We kind of love each other. 
We visited Pier 39 and did some walking/shopping before heading off to see Coach’s very favorite beer/brewery~Lagunitas on the way to Napa.
He was in beer heaven!! They had some good wine and great food too. 

He tried to get me to try a beer called Hairy eyeball. Ummmm….I’ll stick to my crushed

Shortly after, our next two Florida peeps joined us. There will be 3 more the next day, what can I say, we travel in a pack. 

I’m smiling up there because they had some good wine and I didn’t have a hairy eyeball. 
Driving into Napa we could see the Mustard growing in between the vines…such a lovely sight. 

 We arrived at our host hotel less than 2 hours later and we couldn’t have been happier.

Another SIP event; four nights of great music sung by the writers held at different vineyards/venues. This was the inaugural year of SIP Napa and it was flawless-we loved every minute.
I’ll share some highlights in another post.

But, this might have been my favorite moment. The very first night we were at Gargulio Vineyards…with an absolutely amazing view, perfect weather (and wine!) and Edwin McCain serenaded us. (along with others) This might be the most beautifully written song in the history of love songs.

Enjoy this little gem. 

Right now, we’re happy to be home and love on our Callie girl.

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