By the end I was sick of wine and cheese. Also, Gentle on my mind.

I honestly never thought those words would come out of my mouth. Too much wine? What happened to our Suz? 
Napa and Sonoma, until next time. I’ve got to clean up my liver and my arteries.
Six days of eating well, nibbling on excellent cheeses and tasting great wines…well, it was just.too.much. 
One day we drove to Sonoma and visted three different vineyards. 
It was two more than necessary for me. 
I’m dumping some photos and a fabulous video in this post for my memory bank. 

Recusci was a gorgeous winery with a long family history. 

One of the after parties at the hotel

The Coach and I at Gargulio-one of the most breathtaking views all week. 

 One of the scheduled shows was at Alpha Omega winery. Sadly it was raining cats and dogs, so we were in a tent. The show was still awesome and the wine was tasty.

Our bedroom had a beautiful view. It also had a goose.

 A peeping goose really. “hey lady, you got any snackies in there”? 

Passalacqua winery may have been our favorite stop in Sonoma. The wines were great, the hosts excellent and the wine very good. Did I mention they had wine? If you go, make an appointment ahead of time, it will be worth your while to visit.

We stopped at Truett Hurst as well. The wine was enjoyable, but the picnic we had even more so. 
Did you know I like to eat? And apparently I like to photograph my people with a full mouth. 

I love my tribe. 

Our friend Michelle is a frequent flyer at Sonoma. 😉 

Our third tasting for this day and I could hardly focus on the wine when all I could think was:
“who is going to wash all the glasses”? 

All in all, it was a great trip. Fabulous music, great people, plenty of wine and good food.
I had many favorite music moments including “I’ll be” by Edwin McCain on my last post.
But this very same night we were treated to Ashely Cambell, daughter of the legendary Glen Campbell. She spoke about growing up with him and how she accompanied him on his very last tour while he struggled with Alzheimers.

This was Ashely’s first SIP event. Levi Lowery is playing the violin in the background and Kristian Bush grabbed a guitar to play alongside her. She’d was saying how she’d just met Kristian Bush and she didn’t kow he was in Sugarland, and he said he didn’t know she was Glen’s daughter, but that they were now “best friends”. Ashely learned to play the banjo by a fluke chance while in college; looks like it was meant to be.
It’s amazing to see this is the first time the three of them played this song together.
I had tears in my eyes when she sang this gorgeous GC song that I grew up listening to.

Peace out my friends.


5 thoughts on “By the end I was sick of wine and cheese. Also, Gentle on my mind.

  1. we were in Illinois have a Casita (RV /camper rally) and there was a winery down the road. we got to try several wines …the hubby and i are not real drinkers … we try but we are not that excited. well we got a few there and then got one to go …but the funny thing is it was not as good as we remember. i wonder if it is just the moment …that you are all in your friends loop … excited and having a ball … but when you come home it changes .. no clue. but i guess it was fun all the same … being with friends. great cloud views. ( ;


  2. I'm a wine lover as well, but there can be a bit too much in a short period of time. But how nice to have that warm and fuzzy buzz. Not so sure Glen Campbell's daughter should have tried his signature song. Didn't quite work for her but i'm sure some other song would have been great.


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