The celebrations just keep coming

Coach’s dad turned 75 this past week.
He’s a big fan of parties and pretty much planned his own this time. Of course, my sweet MIL was a busy girl too, but Gary found a band, purchased copious amounts of meat and asked Coach to bring over his big ole smoker.

It was a great day with lots of family and friends from near and far.
Coach (and our friend T.W) spent about 10 hours tending to the smoker and the plethora of meat to feed 70 people.

My MIL, FIL and Da’ Band.

This is the (carrot) cake. I know-it doesn’t look like a cake!

My Coach and my Linds.
Thankfully Lindsay was able to arrange for the day off to spend with us, but Lolo had to work.

My FIL had such a good day. Perhaps it was all the crown royal he ingested, or just all the love he was feeling. Either way, it was a good day.


6 thoughts on “The celebrations just keep coming

  1. okay here goes again … i had like a page … for some reason i have noticed when i visit you the blog takes forever to load? then i have type a huge comment and it suddenly deletes it all … i guess for future i need to slow down (i guess i get excited and start typing like a silly person, not thinking i need to check to see what is going on and all that jazzness??!!?) … wait 'til it is fully loaded and then type. so frustrating. i wonder why it does that? any who … something like i am shocked u have never ridden on a tractor … i have done multiple hay rides, taken every where on tractors …both big and small ones. they are so fun and versatile. if i had a farm i would be in heaven. would own lots of them. hope u will get a chance one day and think of me. lol!! great party … love parties with friends and family. so fun and great memories. have a super great weekend. ( ;


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