Easter Feaster

I hope all my peeps had a fabulous Easter weekend.
I’d planned on having some of my cousins/family from the East coast over to visit, but it seems it’s just a struggle for some people to commit. *raises fists in the air*
Anyhoo…there are several people that I can always count on. 
MY People.

Not sure why, but the only pics I got of our girls were when they were laying by the pool….after Easter lunch and prior to Easter dessert. It was a beautiful day; we were experiencing a cool front after a day or two of storms. 
Mattis came to play for the day as well. And when I say play, I mean run around like he’s never been allowed to run free before. MANIAC. 
Some things that I never thought we’d discuss at the dinner table are (and we discuss everything!)
Credit scores.
My girls are on a mission to have excellent credit even though it’s SO hard to get a good credit score when you DO NOT have credit. It’s so funny to hear them talk about working on it, goals, etc….

I made some cute little chocolate tarts. That’s about the extent of my baking capabilities.  
And my first attempt at making Deviled eggs was a total success. (The Coach added bacon to them because….bacon) I learned that making hard boiled eggs in my Insta-pot/pressure cooker is the ONLY way to make them for now on. No worrying about watching a boiling pot and timing it perfectly and they peel like BUTTER!
In case you have an instant-pot and want to try them yourself; this is from MY brand of instant pot and I used 2 cups of water instead of 1 1/2. 
My local inlaws came to join us as well as Lolo’s boyfriend. It was a quiet, but very nice day spent with my people who I can always count on. 
This was the first year that I didn’t hide eggs for the kids. I know. I’m so disappointed in myself as well. But, they did get Easter treats, I’m not a complete monster. 
Have a great day!

6 thoughts on “Easter Feaster

  1. Sounds like a great day all around. Our son uses his sous vide to make boiled eggs and says they peel so easily. I still do the old fashioned way but try to get the eggs in advance so they are not really really fresh.


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