The one with the perfect Mother’s day.

Mother’s day 2019 was just marvelous.
Both of the girls took the day off from work to spend with us; we had plans to take the boat out into the Gulf of Mexico and down to Marco Island, then lunch at the Marina. But the weather had different plans; the gulf was MUCH too windy and it was beating us up trying to move south.
Instead, we headed back into the protected bay for some sightseeing.

Lolo and Nathan enjoyed the views from the Tarpon tower

Linds and Da’ Coach

Coach ordered this custom Dover cover for the front of the boat for when we have grandkids and they need shade….or for when Lolo and Nathan need shade. 

We spent an hour or two just riding around and enjoying ourselves, watching the dolphins and judging peoples houses/boat names. 🙂

Then headed to our little condo to cool off in the pool, then cleaned up and headed down the street to our favorite little pub on the water for a nice lunch.

Later on, after the kids left the Coach and I had a nap, then ordered in dinner and watched a movie.
It was such an easy going, laid back day with my favorite people.
The kind of day that I love.

I’m cherishing these days together even more because Lolo has made a big decision and is going to leave law enforcement and go back to school and get her masters degree in Forensic Psychology. She’ll be leaving in August and it will take her two years to earn her degree. We’re not sure if she’ll be coming back to Florida (other than Summer/winter breaks) or staying in the Virginia/D.C area; it all depends on her opportunities there as she works through internships. 
We’re SO very proud and happy for her as this is a big change and a new challenge for her. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “The one with the perfect Mother’s day.

  1. I know you're proud of Lolo even though you're going to miss her while she's away. It sounds as if you had a wonderful Mother's Day, even if the weather didn't cooperate.


  2. What a fun and relaxing Mother's day for you. I love the photos. Congrats to Lolo. I know you are so proud of her. May God bless her richly in this new phase of her life. Sending hugs and love.


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