Just drifting around

I’ve always had a thing for driftwood. It’s pretty. It’s old, dead, used, dried. And still pretty.
I have several small pieces that I would bring home from the beach or from a walk near the beach.

A while ago while out on a boating day, the Coach stopped at an (almost) deserted stretch of beach that was covered in driftwood. My heart almost stopped-so much pretty driftwood in one place.
Most of it was still connected to the roots and huge, but we did find a few smaller pieces.

This one is right at home on our upper lanai area.
Will you look at all the lizard poop there? They think this is a public restroom-the NERVE!

This piece is really pretty and it actually belongs to my friend Kelly. She forgot to take it home last time and I’m keeping it safe and sound in front of my giant milkweed plant…there’s a lot of butterfly and bee activity in this little garden area.

I can’t wait to go back and get some more interesting pieces. Isn’t nature pretty?

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