See you later {tonight} alligator

At least once a week for as long as I can remember I dream about alligators.
Sometimes snakes too, but mostly alligators.

The other night they were able to climb up a two-story building; the second floor was all windows that slid open. I was busy telling everyone to NOT open the sliding windows or else the alligators WILL come right inside.
It was all very stressful because of course, no one wanted to listen to me.
Why is that? I’m a helper. A voice of insanity reason.

Perhaps the news brings on some of my dream antics-I wish we could make some of this up.  An alligator broke through a kitchen window, entered the house and made a mess. Including breaking wine bottles. If a gator tried to destroy my wine, I’d have a handbag, belt, and new shoes.

Or could it be from the day there was a baby alligator on the softball field during a game? 

Maybe it’s from the time my Dad took us to Gatorland Zoo? God forbid he took us to a normal theme park…hello Disney is just down the road Dad.

Suz, step-sister Lisa, brother Mark

Perhaps I should stop fighting with the gator ‘in my brain’ thing and just adopt one. This loon has a pet gator who she dresses up and he rides an ATV. 

Photo from ABC news. 

Please dear lawd…why do all the lunatics live in Florida? Does the heat make us them insane? 

Last night as I was cooking dinner I looked up and saw another gator just casually wandered into a garage in Fort Myers. 

If you believe the hippie voodoo stuff, my constant dreams about alligators can mean I have something to fear in my life. A foretelling of doom and gloom. 
I’m calling BS on that.
Plus, I’ve been having alligator dreams my whole life.
I think it’s just a Florida thing; we’re all nuts.

Anything scary invading your sleeping hours? 

9 thoughts on “See you later {tonight} alligator

  1. You are soooooo funny – – – like Erma Bombeck – – – unless you are too young to remember her!My scary dreams often consist of being chased and running for my life. It may have something to do with some of the TV shows/movies my husband has watched – – – or have been influenced by the news as you said.The most interesting thing I have noticed about gators is you can't shut their top jaw at all due to their strength but you can easily push the bottom jaw upwards to meet the top? I see them do this on veterinarian shows when treating them. Dr. Jeff, Rocky Mtn Vet went to an alligator rescue farm somewhere in Colorado – – I think – – yes there really was an alligator rescue area there. There are geo-thermal waters in one of the valleys. Anyway – – one of the gators had deep lacerations from a fight that needed to be sewn. He said it was like sewing through shoe leather.Don't get one for a pet. They will eat your butterflies!


  2. LOL!My entire family has a horrible fear of snakes.Me? They don't bother me!My fear? It's so stupid.I have this fear of holes. Like, close up. There is a name for it.When I see pictures I get the heebie geebies!


  3. And to think folks thought I was nuts for having a doggie stroller for Harriet!!!Too funny about your gator dreams.I constantly dream about not being able to remember the combination to my high school locker. As OLD as I am, you can imagine JUST how many times I've dreamed this over the years! A psycho dr. could have a field day with me! lol


  4. I rarely remember dreams. But I would think that the news in Florida is chock full of gator stories; which would prompt your brain to conjure them up at night.


  5. OMGOSH—Well, as scary as it is to you I am grinning reading it. When I lived in Ft.Myers I dated a man from Panama City and he swore that we were all a bit crazy because we were closer to the equator and it had burned our brains. lolI dream about being in a house that turns into a warehouse situation and I am out on the docks looking for someone. I don't know who I am looking for and I am not afraid but it is a very lonesome docking area and I just keep walking and looking. So strange. I have had that same dream for years.I'll trade you one alligator dream if you can figure out who I am looking for and I will let you walk the warehouse area in peace. lol xo Diana


  6. You make me glad that I don't live in Florida if alligators come with the territory. Now I just have to worry about my son and his family who do live down there.


  7. My recurring dream is that of suddenly realizing I am lost. Always in a large building and most often in a hospital. I've been freaked out for real in Florida when we have vacationed on Sanibel and found huge alligators on the beach!


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