Beach wedding, Butterflies & Jenga

My Brother in law got married this past weekend. It was a super simple and sweet ceremony on Captiva beach with drinks before and dinner after. It was only immediate family so it was a great time to catch up with my niece/nephews and all my inlaws and outlaws. 
Lindsay was the only one not in attendance because she flew to New Zealand this past Thursday for a little vacation; she was missed.
Nathan and Lolo
It was SO freaking hot. I think the heat index was 108*. Yes, I melted and then had to put myself back together again. I’m the Humpty Dumpty of Florida. 
My great-niece was able to spend the night with us and it was a treat having a person shorter than I in the house. She is just as much in love with my butterflies as I am.  We released one of my Eastern Black Swallowtails; she was just beautiful. The butterfly and Layla. 
The Coach is the self-professed Jenga King. And Layla delcared herself the Jenga Queen. 
I am the self professed Jenga photographer. 
It was a toss- up; they’re both awesome at Jenga and Layla certainly loved having a worthy challenger. 
That made for an awesome family weekend. The Coach and I are taking off for another adventure later this week. God willing that we make it back so I can blog about it. 🙂 
Have a great day.
Bee sweet. Bee in love. Bee fun!

9 thoughts on “Beach wedding, Butterflies & Jenga

  1. It sounds as if you had a great weekend, even if it was hot on the beach. Your young house guest is adorable. Have a wonderful adventure and hurry back so you can tell us about it.


  2. Love those easy laid back weddings when it is not all hoopla and ceremony. We left FL in 101° temps at 8am Friday morning. lol I am the Humpty Dumpty of East Coast FL…although I do love Captiva and Sanibel,too. xo Diana


  3. What a wonderful family celebration – – – even better because you didn't have tons of people competing for the happy couple's attention. Families are important and it's good to be with them.When it is your time – – – not rushing anything – – – you two will make wonderful grandparents! You have patience and love – – both of you. You shared one of your most favorite things – – butterflies with Layla. Then look at the pure happiness and fun your husband is having playing a game with her. That is the kind of people you are though – – – you seem to make everyone feel welcome and try to insure they have a good time. It seems to be instilled in you.


  4. The wedding sounds lovely. Mini spent the weekend with a cousin who was saying how she can't wait for the cousin weddings to start. That's going to get nuts. Once then begin- it will be constant. My oldest nephew on my side is 24 and there are 22 grandkids on that side. A few more on Coach's side and the oldest is 22. It'll be nonstop fun!


  5. Not sure what happened- I commented yesterday. This looks so fun- sounds hot, but looks great. Mini spent the weekend with cousins in Milwaukee. One of them told Mini she is excited for the cousin weddings to start. Once that gets started, it will be nonstop. I do not think any cousins are on the verge of tying the knot. Oldest nephew on my side is 24. There are 22 grandkids on one side and 24 on the other. Similar ages. Once the weddings start, they will be constant. Fun. But constant.


  6. Never start with beach wedding and then a picture of Lolo. You had me there until I read the caption. How nice to have a young one visit, especially one who loves the same things you love.We had to put down sweet Lucy. I wrote a blog, but I know you know exactly how we feel having gone through the same pain.


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