It’s {mostly} all butterflies and sunsets.

A few weeks ago I was in TJ Maxx looking for a gift and I found something for myself. It’s kind of sad how often that happens. I saw this sterling silver butterfly ring and it practically FLEW out of the case and into my paws. 

 And in real butterfly news, I had a few more Easter Black Swallowtails eclose from their chrysalis this week. And, they matched my nail color. Well, isn’t that special? 

We’ve been getting out on the boat and enjoying it as much as possible. The Coach has had a standing ‘fishing date’ each week and he’s really loving it. Summer in Florida is HOT, but it’s also wet. We have daily showers that usually include lightening so you have to plan accordingly. 
(Clockwise) Sunset from the boat, sunset at the beach, going out on the boat to see the fireworks, Fireworks from the boat. 
We had a great few days around the July 4th holiday. I hope you enjoyed yours as well. 

Lolo is getting ready for her big move to start graduate school full time. She has officially left her job as the cutest POPO on the planet and I’m sleeping better already. Now I just have to worry about Nathan(her BF). And all the other good police officers.

Speaking of good people.
A few weeks ago we had our employee/company picnic and both of the girls were able to attend.
It was nice to have the four of us together even for a few hours. Right now Linds is in New Zealand (SO far away!) for a few more weeks and then Lolo and I will be heading to VA to set her up in her new life. We’ve never lived that far apart and I just hope I don’t die.

Please tell me I won’t die.


Bee safe.
Bee sweet.
Bee a person who survives change.

5 thoughts on “It’s {mostly} all butterflies and sunsets.

  1. Love the butterfly ring! The sky pics from the boat are gorgeous. I especially love the fireworks photo. The winery behind us had a great fireworks show and we could enjoy it from our backyard. You will have fun helping Lolo get into her new apartment. VA will be a nice place for you to visit – you will survive! Love and hugs to each of you. xo


  2. I'm very impressed that you knew just the right color of nail polish to wear so you would match your new butterfly. You've gotten some great pictures from the boat. I am confident that you will survive Lolo being up in Virginia. (I also predict that trips to that part of the country will be in your future.)


  3. You will survive; you probably won't like it, but you will. And, it gives you a reason to visit somewhere that you probably would never plan to.Love that ring, the pictures and both manicures! And that beautiful butterfly.


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