I didn’t mean to be this much work. And what’s the opposite of an anti-vaxer? That’s me.

Getting older has been a lot of work. Maintenance, if you will. 
But now I go regularly for dermaplaning….oh how I love to have someone take a razor blade to my face. 
I strength train 3x a week at the gym.
I had laser vision surgery. (I still have excellent eyesight)
I have my teeth cleaned 3x a year. 
I get mani’s-pedi’s on the regular as well as getting my hair did. 
I finally bit the bullet this year and had my big toes rid of the chances of ingrown toenails…those were a b*tch to deal with and I’m happy to say I’ve had none since then. 
Wow. Now that I write all that, I’m a lot. 
But, I’m guessing other women my age are doing all this maintenance too. I know the Coach is very limited in his maintenance, but I don’t think he’s worried about his skin tone or very close veins as I am.   
Turning 50 has been so much fun though because you get to add in all the medical stuff too.
I’m already faithful to my lady Dr. who smears me yearly and flattens my breasticles into pancakes. 
But she kept telling me I needed a colonoscopy and the shingles vaccine.
Well, that doesn’t sound fun. 
But, I was so wrapped up in getting my first dental implant and traveling that I put those two things off until this year. (the implant was a 6-month process)
I finally conceded and had the colonoscopy and it wasn’t as horrible as I’d imagined. 
I wasn’t going to skip the shingles vaccine though. I got the chickenpox on my 29th birthday and I’ve never been so sick in my life and I wasn’t taking any chances since they’re in the same fam-damily. 
So about 6 months ago I went to my favorite pharmacist and asked for the shingles vaccine and I actually had to wait a few months because it’s in demand. 
See, I knew I was doing the popular thing. 
Anyhoo, when it was finally available, I did my grocery shopping, then popped in front of the pharmacy with my bags of fuel and just before she gave me my shot she said: I’m sorry, but this WILL hurt and you might feel crappy tomorrow. 
Dang. No foreplay with this lady. 
She wasn’t kidding. It stung and I felt a bit lightheaded for a few minutes.
The next day I woke up pretty achy and my arm hurt pretty bad. Later in the afternoon, I felt like I had the flu. Luckily, I didn’t need to be anywhere that day, so I took it easy and laid around.
I lived. I was all better the day after.
You have to get a second dosing 3-6 months after the first and I went back this week for my second. I planned to do this on a day where I had no obligations the next day, just in case. 
I found out that I was also due for my tetanus and my Measles. (MMR)
I said, well, why not?
I could only get two vaccines at once because I only have 2 arms. Lucky octopus’s. 
I opted for the shingles and the tetanus. 
As she’s about to stab me this time, she says: The tetanus is known to be really painful for a few days.
Does she have anything nice to say?
So, that was Monday. I felt a bit achy yesterday and both arms were hurting. 
Today, I’m much better. I was able to have a great workout at the gym and I’m happy to know I’ll be shingle-free for life. (fingers crossed) Also, if I happen to sit on a pair of rusty scissors, I’ll be in the clear. (you cringe, but I did that back in the day-my skinny little thigh!) 

Double battle wounds for Suz.

I’m trying to figure out what’s next.
No, we don’t have cats anymore…just our Callie dog. 

Anyone else struggling to try to keep up with your health/beauty/time? 
Bee healthy
Bee proactive
Bee good to yourself

6 thoughts on “I didn’t mean to be this much work. And what’s the opposite of an anti-vaxer? That’s me.

  1. It is a lot of work, but this was a cute read! I hope you got a lollipop or something for those 2 band-aids! J had shingles once and it was the worst. Glad you had the vaccine. You are looking very tone and pretty! Love your bath wall art too! xo


  2. Oh the things I could write about what's ahead but I won't! Discover it as you go!I hate Tetanus shots. They really hurt. I got the Shingles vaccine at about age 50 but they said the new one is much more effective so I need to get it at the next doctor's visit.The best thing/person in my beauty routine is my husband. He tells me when I have a chin hair that needs plucking!!! He has good eyesight, too because he had the Lasik eye surgery when he was 50. He said it's the best gift he's ever given himself. He used to wear really thick glasses.


  3. On the other hand, medical knowledge has outpaced our aging. The new shingles vaccine is far more effective and can be given to people with compromised immunity. This is a good time to be getting older.


  4. Oh how I hate shots. I have that vaso vagel reaction so I have been known to passout. Like when I needed RH- shot. I enjoyed the 'breastsicle' remark. My teen is sriving so I am not going back to see correct spelling. We are at a stoplight. I do not do much maintenance. I do not wear sunscreen. Oil of olay daily. See my lady doc yearly. Teeth cleaned 2x yr. Um that's tomorrow and my gums are so bad. Worried they are gonna suggest some kind of painful repair. What I would not do for lasik surgery, but aren't you awake for that? No can do.


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