All the entertainment I need I’m either married to or I gave birth to.

Lolo and I had a conversation while we were in VA getting her moved in and ready for school

{Here she is standing across the street from her school. It’s a 10 minute walk from her apartment, but we didn’t want to cross the intersection because I was ready for my next feeding in a different direction.}

Me: Can I meet your professors?
Lolo: “No, they’re probably not there yet.”
Me: I still feel bad about not walking you into school on the first day of kindergarten. It was said over and over again in our parent orientation to drop off your child on the first day and NOT walk them into class.
When Dad and I dropped you off at the car line, you hopped out and walked your little 5 year old self into class. I looked over and I see tons of parents walking their child INTO class. 
*what the hell?*
Why did I follow the rules?
Lolo: “Don’t feel bad, I did just fine.
And where do you think those other kids are that were coddled? Probably living in their parent’s basement sleeping with a weighted blanket. Or addicted to heroin. OR in jail.”

{Not her first day of Kindergarten picture, but this was shortly after.}

Then we had a long conversation about weighted blankets and how she might actually want one.
Go figure.

So my sassy daughter had her Orientation last weekend and sends me this pic and text. “Mother’s room”

I had a real good laugh at myself when I realized it was a lactation room and then I scolded her about tricking her elders.


She started her classes this week and is really excited about being a student again.

I had a prompt similar to this while attending Palm Beach Beauty Academy; just after Pin Curls 101 and before learning to Not Drink Permanent Solution.

One of her professors was a CIA analyst for many years and I could only ask one question:
Is your professor Jack Ryan??

No Mom. She isn’t Jack Ryan.
Well, that would have been pretty cool.
FYI: Coach and I started watching it on Prime and it’s a great show; intense, but great.

Wishing everyone a sassy weekend. Crossing our fingers and toes that Dorian doesn’t impact our area or anyone for that matter!!


Mad Max & Last weekend

We’ve taken sole custody of our grand-dog Max. We brought him back from VA with us because he wasn’t enjoying city life. He was pretty pissed off at every dog that he encountered on his walks and then would take it out on the young husky Mattis. The Coach and I brought him back then handed him off to his real dad, Nathan (Lolo’s favorite person besides me)
Sadly, Nathan was hurt on the job wrangling a perp last week and his shoulder was detached for a bit.

Nathan is on light duty and recovering, so Max will be us for a bit. Max is ok with that. He loves all the attention he gets from his Grandparents.  We took him to the condo last weekend and even his other favorite person Linds came for a visit. Life is good when you’re a cute/weird little dog with lots of family.

Linds and I paddle boarded on Saturday. It was fun and tiring. No one fell in and not a dolphin or manatee to be seen. They must be on summer vacation. We walked over to the beach and saw the best sunset for that day.

Sunday we were back home (the big house) and Suz finally got around to cleansing her garage. It’s been a while. I blew it out, then hosed it, then mopped it. Yeah, I mopped it. It’s now pine-sol fresh. And I’m a happy camper. 

When I say it’s MY garage. I really mean it’s mine. The Coach has 468 garages, but this one here is solely mine. I’m living the dream!!

I hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend as well.