Donning my nurse cap

Our sweet Lindsay has been having a time lately.
Before her trip to New Zealand, she had to have an embedded wisdom tooth removed. I was afraid that all her 23 years of wisdom would go with the tooth. Alas, it didn’t. She came home for a few days and recovered just fine.
She’s also had an enlarged tonsil for quite a while and with the fact that she *sometimes* exaggerates her health issues, we kind of ‘poo-pooed’ this notion that there was an issue.
Finally, this was bothering her so much and for so long, I sent her to my ENT before her big trip.
He said he didn’t like the way they looked, but wasn’t too alarmed. She has big tonsils….just like her Mom. She came by them naturally.
She had a recheck after her trip, and the Dr. said they ‘absolutely have to come out now’.
He was alarmed at how much larger they were at this point, and she really wasn’t feeling great anyway. Could it be from those big ole things in her throat?

She had them removed on Wednesday. In case you were wondering, they won’t let you take them home so that a scrapbook page can be made. But, I had to ask anyway.

Big Sister Lolo stopped by afterward, and we had a little meeting on my bed. Just like old times.
Good Lord, it took 20 years for these two to interact like this. Thank you, baby Jesus.

She did great during the short procedure. But then again, she just had to lay there, and she (like me) is really good at that.
She’s staying at the homestead with us for the week while she recovers.
Mama nurse is feeding her all the necessary foods after something like this.
Mac N Cheese
Mashed taters
Ice cream
Fruit pops
Apple sauce.

You know, kind of how we ate when we were 23 with the metabolism of a mosquito.

It’s great having her home even though she’s not feeling so hot. It is weird for me, though. Usually, when I talk to myself during the day, no one answers me. I now have a witness to my weirdness.

Each night for dinner The Coach and I have our regular food, and Linds has her soft food. She said: “It looks like you guys don’t like me very much.”

But we do. We like her SO very much.

FYI: I was kidding about the scrapbook. Who has the time?


10 thoughts on “Donning my nurse cap

  1. Oh gosh! That does not sound fun. Eddie just had wisdom teeth pulled two weeks ago and I recognize that food. Tough keeping pudding available for the patient in these parts. Lots of boxing out. Hope she feels better soon!


  2. Wisdom teeth, tonsils wow, the girl has been put through the ringer!! It's good to see she has her peeps to give her some tender loving care yay for moms and sisters. Who does have time to scrap book? My scrapping comes in the form of Shutterfly books.Have a great weekend!!Saimi


  3. I hope Lindsay is soon feeling herself again! I'm sure she has been receiving great care at your house and will soon be back to the same delicious meals you and Coach have.


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