~Moving on UP~

Do you have the theme song from The Jeffersons your head? I do.

We were successful in getting Lolo moved and settled into Virginia. This was my very first trip to the area and I have to say, as a Florida girl, this was a city that I enjoyed. She’s in a bustling area in Arlington, just across the river from D.C. (we accidentally went to a different state once; that never happens way down in SW Florida)
She has a 10-minute walk to school and that also never happens in Florida. It takes me 10 minutes to walk to our mailbox. Ok, maybe 4, but it feels like 10.

My first surprise was trying to park Coach’s SUV in the garage.

Ummmm….it really doesn’t fit. We were told that if you go down a few more levels, the spaces are bigger. Me: “I’m on the ground floor, how do you go lower?”
Turns out you can actually park in the 7th level of hell and the spaces are about 2″ wider….hey, I’ll take that 2″.

But, let’s just discuss a two day (16 hour total) car trip with an 8-month-old husky with the attention span of a flea. I drove most of the first day with Lolo finishing it up when the sun went down.
I thought I’d lose my mind. He wanted to be in the front seat. On my lap apparently. After about 6 hours we stopped for some ‘calming’ hemp treats at a pet food place.
We gave him 3 and we each had 2.

Sure, he’s pretty and all, but damn, he’s hard-headed.
Looks like the treats worked…..for about 2 hours, then he was up in our business again. We stopped plenty of times to let them (Max and Mattis) wander and even found a dog park for some running. 
My sweet angel. 

We found a hotel that accepts pets and stopped for the night after about 9 hours of driving. We were so exhausted and it was late. Dinner choices were limited. This was mine with a glass of chardonnay. Both were delicious.  Lolo had microwave mac n cheese. We had NO standards. 

 The dogs actually did well in the hotel. We were too tired to bring in the crates so they had full access to two beds and two humans.

We had a decent night of sleep and were up and at it the next morning. We headed north around 8 am and hoped to arrive in plenty of time to go to Homegoods because we didn’t have a bath towel, shower curtain or any of that stuff so we could get cleaned up when we arrived at her new apartment.
We arrived at her new place on Monday afternoon and hit HomeGoods and Target. Over the course of the next 5 days, I left money at Homegoods 7x, Marshalls 2x, and TJ Max 2x, & Target 2x.
Luckily there are a lot of those stores in that area, so we didn’t look like complete weirdos to the employees.
But ya’ll….I was tired.
She didn’t have a couch or chair until Thursday as we purchased them on Tuesday. Her bed arrived Thursday as well. Prior to that we were sleeping on air mattresses and sitting on the floor. Just like the old days.

I’ll share some more pics in my next riveting post.
I hope all is well with my peeps.


10 thoughts on “~Moving on UP~

  1. Thankful you two had a safe trip. Too funny about the calming treats for EVERYone!I know Lolo appreciated your help. I'm sure it was bittersweet for you but I know you are so proud of her. You'll have to make lots of visits. xoxo


  2. Tell me at least one of the dogs was staying with Lolo? OMG the dog calming treats. That sounds like the equivalent to Sesame Street during my workday/babysitting. I will not have TV on constant so they get SS about 5 times a year. But oh how glorious those moments are when I cave.I suppose it does sound tiring, but also SO FUN! I would not do well with the drive even mi us pets. I drive Ed to school 4 hours away on Sunday and I dread the drive part. Curly is coming along. Banking on her talking my ear off going home to keep me awake. I assume college prep days will be different when Mini goes. These boys. . . it is all last minute and lots of shrugging in response to 'Do you have. . .' or 'Should we get . . . 'That parking space- you need a can opener to get er out!


  3. I cracked up about accidentally driving to another state because I remember that happening on my first trip – while we were just going to the zoo! SO glad you could get her set up – you guys are so great. Me? I sent my girl to CO on the airplane. Huh. Glad the pups were just in it for one way! Anxious to hear more!


  4. Ernie, The plan was for both to stay with Lolo but Max was having major issues with being around so many dogs in the city. He was not happy to socialize with anyone including his brother the Husky. He came back to FL with us and will live with Lolo's BF where he'll not be stressed with other dogs. I hope your trip and back to school are safe and not stressful.


  5. What an adventure! We have 3 cats and I don't think they would travel across town well, much less to another state! Can't wait to see pictures. Hope your daughter is getting settled in her new place.


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