New homeowners, dog visitors & taking care of our Bahamian friends.

So a few weeks ago Lolo and Nathan purchased a home together.
Yep, she bought a house, then moved out of state to attend Grad school. Sometimes things happen out  of order.

 Nathan signing the papers in person, lolo did it via Fed ex.

We’re so very happy for them both. Nathan will be living there and when Lolo graduates, they’ll decide what to do. Will they move elsewhere for her career? Maybe.
Will they sell the house or rent it? Maybe.
Will they settle there if she has a good career opportunity and live there forever? Maybe.


While waiting to see what Hurricane Dorian had in mind for Florida, my inlaws came over for a few days just in case. With them came Toby the 120lb lab (the HAIR!) and their newest girl Kelsea the tiny brown lab. Callie was in heaven with all the playing.

Max however was in dog hell. He doesn’t care for other dogs in general. Callie doesn’t bother him because she doesn’t pay any attention to him. The other two couldn’t leave him alone because they thought he might be a normal dog who likes to play. 
Are you comfortable Max? 


We had a houseful of people assisting with the prepping, cooking, wrapping, freezing of food for our Bahamian friends. Loads of drop off’s of battery banks (for cell phones) and gel/freezer packs to transport the food.
It’s been a good and busy weekend.

I could actually do with an uneventful week. But I’m NOT complaining. I’m counting my blessings.

Bee responsible. Bee a player. Bee a giver.

4 thoughts on “New homeowners, dog visitors & taking care of our Bahamian friends.

  1. That sounds like a Busy Bee weekend to me. How nice of you to do the cooking for the hurricane relief. LOL about all the dogs. I sometimes babysit my son's almost 1 year old Phantom Goldendoodle. He is huge and can lay his head straight out on the counter…and 'naughty' and KNOWS he is naughty. However, he is a lover and makes up for the naughtiness. xo Diana


  2. Well I'll Bee! You are a busy one and what you were doing for the hurricane relief is admirable! Those dogs! My little Schnauzer was not dog friendly and didn't know how to behave with other dogs around. He would get his undies in a bunch whenever he saw other canines. One time during a camping trip we were in the RV office getting our space and forms filled out. They had a dog just snoozing away and my Oskar was carrying on growling and whining. Their dog never budged or blinked an eye, after about 5 minutes or so Oskar quit, sat down and waited for us. Their dog just kept on sleeping. Their house looks amazing what a fun stage of life they are in.


  3. Oh wow! Certainly lots going on for you! I can't believe this was posted Sept 8th. How did I miss it? You sure deserve a relaxing week. Such great work you and your peeps have done for the Bahamian people. The dog story cracks me up- a dog that doesn't like other dogs. The way people have behaved in my neck of the woods lately, I feel like a person who doesn't like people. Boo. Congrats on the home-ownership. Such a great investment! I bought a one bedroom condo a year after college. I was REALLY happy to move out of it when Lad was 14 mos old (5 years later) because he was sleeping in the kitchen, but it sure helped us purchase a 4 bedroom house.


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