I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 52.

Just kidding.
I DID turn 52 this week, but I’m not feeling any different physically.
Mentally? Well, that’s a possible sh*t show.
Not all the time, but I have my *duhhh* moments.

For example: We’ve had some major work done on our property starting about 3 weeks ago.

We’ve removed 15 cabbage palms (they’ve been donated for reuse) and are adding in 14 oak trees and then 8 ‘special’ palm trees to line our driveway. There is a major reason for the oaks, I’ll share the details later.
The oaks require 100 gallons of water each daily. Our irrigation system bit the dust on the first day of digging, major arteries were cut….such is our life. It’s a lot of fun dragging a hose around 300 feet for a few hours daily in 97* heat; the water comes straight from our well.  I’ve been setting my timer to remind me to move the hose. One day this week I had finished watering all the trees, then I had to fill the pool with some hose water as we’ve not had any rain. Again, I set my timer to help me remember to turn it off cause I’m so easily distracted by my next thing.

Later on, I looked at my phone and saw that my timer was running.
Suz: Wait a minute. I finished all my watering. Didn’t I? 
I ran around checking the hoses. Twice. 
I could NOT for the life of me remember why I had a timer set. I wandered around the house looking for clues for a solid 10 minutes.
Then it dawned on me.
I had my teeth bleaching tray in my mouth and didn’t want to leave it in longer than needed.
Yep. You can’t get anything past me these days.
Too much on my mind.

Flip flop tan from all the yard time. 

We (Coach, Suz and our East coast peeps) were so busy this week with Hope Town stuff. Coordinating purchases and shipping of items to our beloved Bahamians. It’s been a busy, busy week.

Suz at Home Depot on her birthday asking any man she could find. 
What is 2 stroke oil? Where is hydraulic fluid? Is THIS fly tape? What is bar chain oil? 

I’ve learned a lot and it didn’t even hurt. 

I actually had the easier list. Some other items were free-standing freezers, generators, a/c window units, batteries for golf carts, a battery for a fire truck, plus lots of food and beverages.

I had gobs of charging banks to actually charge and I was able to fulfill the rosemary (for the chef) order right from my garden. No, that’s not weed if you were concerned.

And work boots. And work gloves. And socks. The list felt endless, but today the rest of it is leaving for the east coast and after the weather settles, a friends 52 foot boat will be in Hope Town. 

Earlier this week we caught a glimpse of the first container heading over-such a beautiful sight. This barge was making stops at several small islands including our lovely Hope town. (see it on the bottom left?) Filled my heart!!

And in other heart filling news, the iconic Hope Town light house was finally lit yesterday.

I’ll share more pics and details on the new trees and our ‘not so nice future neighbor’ in another post. Starting to feel like we can breath for a minute, but as the Coach told me last night. “We’ll be doing this again next week once we receive an updated list of needs”. 
I hope all my blog peeps are doing well. Happy Friday the 13th!

7 thoughts on “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 52.

  1. I baked cookies a few weeks ago. I always double. Use both ovens. Knock out 60 cookies in a little over an hour. Cannot remember what I was rushing off to do, but I had enough dough to make one more cookie. Pre-celiac disease I probably would have eaten the excess ball 'o dough. But I baked it and then NEVER TOOK THE COOKIE SHEET OUT OF THE OVEN. I opened the lower oven like a week later- there was a crazy dark on the bottom cookie. Just saying- you are not alone!Happy birthday! I love shopping but I would be lost at Home Depot shopping.


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I subscribe to the idea that a birthday does not, in fact, make you a year older. You are only one day older than the day before. Sounds like you are really busy. It's easy to overlook something when you have so many things going on at once.


  3. Thank God for people like you & your family, and all the other donors. It's so inspiring to see people giving back and appreciating \”there but by the Grace of God, go I.\” You all are walking the walk. God bless the people of the Bahamas.


  4. Happy Birthday!! I forget what I am doing all the time too. That is some big yard project! It's a lot of work watering all those trees. I can't wait to see the finished product.


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