A quick little getaway to Nashville to see some awesome people. #Hope4Hopetown

A few days after hurricane Dorain hit the small Abacos islands of the Bahamas our friend Patrick Davis was working on fundraising. These small islands get very little support from the Bahamian government. I HOPE I’m not going to shock anyone, but the government is crooked.
Yes, I’m speaking of ALL government, but today we’re focusing on the Bahamas.
FYI: The Hope 4 Hopetown fundraiser is 100% legit; I can vouch for Patrick Davis and the Coach is also on the board. Ain’t no one less crooked than these guys.

Anyhoo a minute after the fundraiser was in motion Patrick threw together a ‘once in a lifetime’ music event at the Ryman Auditorium.
He had a sold-out show booked, advertised and sold out in 10 days at the beloved Ryman.

I have some great videos and photos of the amazing artists; Darius Rucker, Dierks Bentley, Randy Houser, Jamey Johnson, Lee Brice, Kristian Bush (Sugarland), Charles Kelly (Lady Antebellum), LoCash, Florida/Georgia Line, James Otto and many more.
It was perhaps the most amazing night ever. Sorry Coach, our honeymoon was so long ago.
*snicker snicker*
I had sad tears.
I had happy tears.
Much like my high school days.

Hey, I recognize that guy.

Jamey Johnson and Randy Houser

 Dierks Bentley

 Charles Kelly from Lady Antebellum. At one point he motioned for one of the back up singers to come and do a duet with him. It was great. At the afterparty I spoke to the young lady and told her how great she did and she said: “I can’t believe I was up on stage with all of these amazing artists, I was freaking out inside!”

 Florida Georgia Line-Not my favorite band, but they were great to be there supporting.

 Our sweet friend Wyatt Durette singing Toes in the Sand that he wrote with Zac Brown.

Did anyone watch the show Nashville? I keep meaning to…anyhoo this is Charles Esten of that show who also sings. 

Have you heard of Hootie and the Blowfish? 😉 Here is Darius Rucker and Mark Bryan. They just finished their American tour last week and are heading to Europe for another tour. Our friend Patrick Davis is opening up for them for a few shows. The Coach asked if I wanted to go. 
Umm. No. Can we please stay home for a while? 

If you’ve ever listened to country music, you’ve heard this amazing song. Perhaps my most favorite country song ever. 
We’ve heard James Otto (he wrote the song about his Grandfather) sing the song many times, but this was our first time seeing Jamey Johnson (who cut the song recording) sing it. They were amazing together. 

 And how about these rock stars??

It was such a fantastic weekend, but man, when we arrived home on Tuesday night, we were done. Done like dinner. We met some amazing people who are like-minded doing a lot of good stuff for our Bahamian friends. Made some more connections. The Coach and I have a big surprise arriving in a few weeks….you’ll never guess what it is. 
This weekend has been us catching up on all the stuff we’ve been needing to do for the last month. 
Wishing all my peeps a great day and weekend. 

4 thoughts on “A quick little getaway to Nashville to see some awesome people. #Hope4Hopetown”

  1. That would exhaust me – I am exhausted just reading about it. Full disclosure: I suck at identifying famous singers/bands/songs, so much is lost on me. I do listen to the radio, but 2 minutes later I think 'Oh, I love the song. I wonder if I could make a play list to listen to when I workout.' First off, no idea how to make a playlist, And secondly – as soon as an awesome song is done playing I have no recollection of what it is called, and dear God – do not ask me to sing/hum it. Glad one of us is in the know, and SUPER connected!


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