Where the weekend went {mostly to the trees}

 We’re still watering trees. Our irrigation guys arrived and worked all day Friday and were able to put ‘bubblers’ on most of the big oaks, but we’re still hand watering several oaks and 8 big palms.

This is in front of my office/craft room. I’ll be loving this view.

We’ve been needing to do a deep clean on the lanai for quite a while, which is really hard to do when you’re never home. So, on Sunday the Coach fired up the pressure washer and we got to work on the dirty pavers. “You dirty pavers, cleanse thyself!”
{My lanai milkweed farm}

I did a deep clean and ‘clean out’ of the outdoor kitchen area and the sundeck behind the pool. I had accumulated a lot of gardening stuff. I’m not exactly sure who’s been leaving stuff here, but they need to stop.

 Everything looks fresh and clean….now we just wait for Fall to arrive so we can enjoy more outside time. 
*Looks at the calendar and checks the forecast* It should be here in mid-December. Damn you Florida!
We came home from Nashville last week to 8 deluxe palms lining the driveway. 
Me to Coach: “Honey, those look really rich and you’ve just upped the value of our home; people will think we’re loaded. Can you please get the shotgun out from under the bed and have it ready for a home invasion?”
{they’ll be untied in a few weeks}

Coach also put up our new flagpole. A few months ago we had one of those weird Florida afternoon storms that came out of nowhere and knocked over our pole. Well, it didn’t come out of nowhere, most likely it came from the Everglades, but I wasn’t expecting it.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a super productive weekend attending to overdue chores.
I repotted a lot of plants, cleaned up my desk and checked off some other miscellaneous items off my list.
One thing that I didn’t do? I didn’t make our bed for 3 days. THREE DAYS! And guess what….nothing bad happened. I know. I was shocked as well. But today, I’m not taking annnnyyy chances.

Happy Monday!!

5 thoughts on “Where the weekend went {mostly to the trees}

  1. Holy productive weekend! The trees look amazing. Two consecutive weekends we traveled- or at least I traveled for both- to see Lad play water polo. So much fun, but being in town this weekend reminded me of what it is like to get stuff done. Nothing impressive like you because it was homecoming and 2 high schoolers went, plus Coach drove an hour away to attend a class all day Sat and all day Sun, but changing all the bedding and clearing countertops and sorting laundry was great. I made the kids put their laundry away and vacuum their rooms. They were like, 'oh that's right. This is what it is like when mom is home.' Good times.


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