Quiet your brain woman!

I was gifted with a massage gift card for my birthday and I redeemed it this week.
IT was glorious. The young lady had magic hands and I enjoyed it a LOT.
At this particular spa (new to me) they have you fill out a questionnaire first giving you choices to particular items:
Choose your music type with examples of ocean sounds, nature, etc…
Then choose your conversation type: NO conversation, lots of conversation or conversation ONLY if initiated by me.
I chose the latter and my awesome masseuse (Tatyana) followed my limited conversation desire.
Oh, how I wish there was a choice for me to choose to STOP my brain from running endlessly for the entire duration of my massage.
How does one do that? I’ve tried meditation practices before, but it does not seem to work for me.
Suz: Ok brain, stop. We’re gonna really relax this time.
Brain: Did you water the trees this morning? 
I can’t remember if I paid the insurance bills. 
When will we have a visit to Lolo on the calendar? 
What should I make for dinner? Gosh. some days I wish I didn’t need to eat. 
Did the Coach say he has softball tonight or was that for tomorrow? 
Ohhh…wow. She’s working my calves and they’re tender. Why does Jon insist on me doing calve exercises, when I keep telling me that my calves are DONE. 
Lawd, I hope I remembered to shave my legs this week. 
I wonder if my electrician will show up and help a sister out with her lighting issues this weekend. 
I can see how someone with tinnitus could lose their freaking minds.  
I should probably contact my pressure washing guy soon about the driveway. 
How are my peeps in the Bahamas getting along? 
Oh, all the puppies and cats; so many homeless animals. And people. It breaks my heart thinking of all they are enduring. I bet they’d really enjoy a massage right now. 
Does Callie seem sad? I wonder if she actually misses Max. 

I can’t even really take myself away from the brain noise for one hour, much less one minute.
But, I’ll try again…hopefully soon. 😉

And, the answer was NO, I didn’t shave my legs this week. Poor Tatyana!

{If only I could chill as well as Callie}

Have a great weekend!

Bee good.
Bee quiet.
Bee in the moment.  (I wish!)


8 thoughts on “Quiet your brain woman!

  1. I once had a personal trainer who taught me how to meditate. I was just like you. My brain kept saying, \”this is a crock, this won't work\” and would fly to a thousand other things. But with hard work, i finally succeeded and it was a wonderful respite during trying days at work. I could close my office door and spend ten minutes and be ready to face the world. If a died-in-the-wool skeptic like me can do it, you can too. Keep at it, Suz.


  2. Oh I have been there. My biggest fear when I have a massage (I have only had a few because I am married to a physical therapist and sometimes the masseuse does not measure up) is 'What if I have to toot and I do not succeed at holding it in?' I used to lie awake at night and my brain would not turn off. I have found that if I workout intensely during the day, I collapse at night. (and feel very achy when I get out of bed in the morning). Callie, doesn't the blood rush to your head when you sleep like that?


  3. Oh it's so hard to tune out the never ending to do list. I've had two massages in my life. Once while I was pregnant, and the girl talked the entire time!! She kept asking to rub my belly to feel baby kicks – uh no. The second was much better – quiet and relaxing.


  4. Oh, to be as relaxed as Callie! I am the same way – my mind runs ALL the time! We have a neighbor who is a massage therapist/RN. I wish she could just move in with me! lolLove you guys.


  5. I first started getting massages after an auto accident. When the doctors couldn't help me I found a massage therapist that did. I swear by her. When I got massages in the evening there were many days I could even fall asleep on the table. However, there was other days I was so tightly wound that I just wanted to run out of there screaming. I have also never been able to meditate. I don't know how people turn it off. Maybe be if I had a good teacher?


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