Creating deliciousness for Callie and the reunion with my first love.

This past Saturday night the Coach and I had a rambling good time. We spent over 3 hours making food for Callie. I hope you’re not jelly of all the glamorous fun we have around these parts. I know, last you heard, we were watering trees; I can hardly stand it myself.

Anyhoo, our sweet, old, beat up, wore out, former cattle herder loves homemade food. So, what else can we do, but tend to her every whim and desire?

This was our biggest batch yet; 33 jars which equate to 66 meals, which equates to 66 days of Callie being happy. (If you were wondering, we make a meatloaf type meal for her in big pans, cook it, then let it cool enough to can. Ground beef, ground turkey, eggs, green beans, spinach, white rice, sweet potatoes & pumpkin. The recipe varies a tad depending on veggies available)

FYI: That keto ice cream up there bites; flavorless & textureless, I don’t know what I was thinking. And I didn’t see those chocolate nuggets till I took this pic. This is what happens when I let Coach go to Costco without me.

Callie might not be the brightest bulb in the box, but she knows when her food is being prepared right from when we get out the food processor till the last pan is cleaned up. She’s there to get a few licks from each (8 total) pan. Pretty much like licking the beaters when your Mom makes a cake. 

So, after all that excitement, I drove to Orlando and met up with my girl Kelly; we had a date!!

Who knew I had a thing for guys who wear more makeup than I do? 

It’s been 36 years since our reunion and I just know he was p*ssed that it took me so long. Or maybe that’s just his face.

 Kelly didn’t know ONE Adam Ant song until a few months ago when she agreed to go with me.
That is a good friend! She said I can pay her back by seeing Meatloaf. That’s ok. I don’t mind watching food.

Damn flash and lighting. We really aren’t 90 years old. 
The concert was great. Adam Ant is 64 and can still sing and dance. Albeit, not as fast or sexy as back in the day….but who can? 

More than likely, he’s bald under the hat and scarves.

Did you know Adam Ant’s real name is Stuart Goddard? Well, you’re not a true fan if you didn’t know that. Also, you’d need to know that in order to make a long distance/over seas call back in 1982 to see if the operator could actually get him on the phone so you could profess your love to him when you were 14.

BTW: She couldn’t find his number. Tragic.

My newest pet peeve with technology and change: concert tickets. They’re either on your phone or you print out this ugly piece of paper. 

Gone are the days when I could put all our tickets in a scrapbook for posterity. One less thing I’ll get to burden my children with. 

So, has anyone had as much excitement as Suz this past week? Sharing is caring.

15 thoughts on “Creating deliciousness for Callie and the reunion with my first love.

  1. Sure thing. It's so fun. Hubby got me an Instant Pot last Valentine's Day and I cannot believe how freakin' fun it is to make stuff. Then the little one died (3qt), they were taking kinda awhile to replace it so we went and got an 8qt for 60 bucks with the good lid. I was over the moon. Now I have my 3qt replacement but haven't used her yet. I probably will but right now, I'm grooving on The Beast.Have you pressure cooked long? Whole new world for me and I am digging it.


  2. I have thought about making cat food but the cats are so darn picky that they probably wouldn't eat it more than once!! I have a collection of ticket stubs that go way back to the 80s. I was surprised when this past summer we got hard tickets in the mail for Weird Al to add to my collection.


  3. I make big vats of food at times and it disappears fast! But no pets- just peeps. Leftovers are my friend. Coach and I head to NY this weekend and Tank is excited because he claims our friends who he and Mini are staying with do not believe in leftovers. Oh brother did that tick me off!


  4. My week was just as full of excitement as yours. Made and froze marinara sauce, had fall maintenance on both fireplaces, read the month's book club selection, and put out some Halloween decorations. Yep, very exciting.


  5. Oh my goodness!!! At first I'm like who in the heck is Adam Ant, then you said something about the operator and it all came back, like now I have the song stuck in my head thank you very much. How fun for you girls to get your rock on, and I'm a sucker for meatloaf, does he still sing too?? Callie is one lucky doggie to have such fine meals prepared for her oh, and what a great collectors item with all your concert tickets tucked neatly away in your binder. Genius idea, I wish I had done that but then how many Neil Diamond tickets can one collect? I would have more binders than space to store. Yep, Neil is my guy and I was lucky to have seen his last concert a couple of years ago. The man is old, but he still had it going on.Thanks for stopping by my blog space, I sure appreciate your visit!


  6. Bijoux

    Love it! And yes, I did know his real name, but only back in the ‘80’s! I can’t believe that’s him in the hat. A bit disappointing that he isn’t doing the makeup and cool outfits anymore. And how could your friend not know any of his songs??? Goody Two Shoes was played nonstop back then.
    I love that Scandal was the opening act when you first saw him. You are my kind of friend, Suz!

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