The one where I’m back on the butterfly and garden wagon.

I’m back in the butterfly business after taking a few days off here and there for traveling purposes. I really have to be HERE daily in order to keep things running smoothly and not starve any caterpillars to death. That would be cruel and I’m the opposite of cruel.

{Be free pretty Mama!}

I’ve released about 15 monarchs and 4 queens since Saturday.
Go me!!

I’ve also finally found the time to start my fall/winter garden. Nevermind the fact that it’s 90* daily.
*raises fists at Florida in frustration!*
But I suppose I should be thankful that the humidity has dropped down to a mere range of 73%-87%.
Better hair days are in my not so distant future.

I was trying to go a more simpler route this time. I planted only the essentials; tomatoes (many varieties), peppers (lots of flavors, mostly sweet) and some Kale. KALE YEAH! I really wanted to do some lettuce too, but I neglected to start any lettuce seeds in advance.
So, in the voice of the Soup Nazi: NO salad for YOU! 
Unless it involves just kale. KAAALLE NO! Or I could just drive to Publix and get some.
Yeah, let’s do that cause my innards require lots of roughage.

{{Diverts from current story}}Oh geez. That reminded me; a few weeks ago the Coach and I were eating dinner and I had a forkful of arugula salad just about to enter my salad hole and I noticed something odd. I looked closely at my fork and saw a cute little green and brown caterpillar. Dead. And it was almost dead inside of me. That’s what happens when you eat organic. 

I was so happy after all the weeding, digging, raking, planting that I did a happy dance right there in the yard.
Well, actually, I did a safety dance, cause my lower back was a tad tired.
We can dance when we want to, we can leave your friends behind….S-A-F-E-T-Y…..try getting that musical artistry of joy out of your head.

In about 60 days I can have you all over for a dinner made entirely out of fiber. Well, perhaps a caterpillar or two; bring dental floss.

Happy hump day.

15 thoughts on “The one where I’m back on the butterfly and garden wagon.

  1. wow, so cool over the butterflies – i bet that is tons of fun … we did that when i was in first game. ( ;i would love a garden. u enjoy!! have a great fall. we have had fall temps show up suddenly … a dramatic change. but i am always a fan of anything fall. my favorite season for sure. u take care. thank you for your visiting & comment.


  2. You really are a butterfly superhero. So cool.Love me some organic as well and I too, eat lots of greens.Cold here today though. Almost turned on the heat but I'll wait because it's likely to warm up.


  3. Hahaha. The butterfly is beautiful but I must say, your nails look so good. You know after I moved into this apartment this year and I didn't have a good space to set up my bird feeders, I decided I would plant a butterfly garden on my little second floor balcony. I haven't seen any butterflies on my plants and I don't know if there is too much wind or if I am too high up. I'm going to have to research this. I love your butterfly set up. I may try that next year. Seems like something I could do well on a balcony.


  4. You have been busy embracing your inner tree hugging self. Love the no soup for you reference. I cannot serve meatloaf without one of the kids hollering 'Ma get us some MEATLOAF!' which is a Will Farrel line from Wedding Crashers. Inappropriate movie but we have selected a few scenes to share with the kids. Like 'you got a dart in your neck!' I digress. Love that you have a garden. I eat lots of tomatoes but mine come from the grocery. My mom stopped by recently when I was making a salad. She pointed at my avocado and asked 'what's that?' So I may not have a garden but I eat veggies despite my upbringing. Baby steps!


  5. Thank you!If you have plenty of milkweed, the monarchs will find you. Not sure what area you are in…we have them year round but up north, they migrate. Also lots of herbs attract a variety of swallowtails; so look into it.


  6. Nope, she grew up on the south side. Being Irish, I guess they just stuck with potatoes and canned veggies. Boiled the Hell out of them. If I have them over for dinner, I have to be sure I don't serve anything 'weird' ie: peppers, onions, etc. She likes a Caesar salad. No veggies. Just croutons. For this and many other overwhelming reasons, I swear I was adopted.


  7. Beautiful butterflies! Your garden looks great. I wish I had the patience to grow some of my own produce. Funny about the caterpillar — it brought back a memory of my Dad making up stories and one of them was about barbecuing caterpillars for supper.


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