Fall gifts from Bev

Isn’t it funny how your Mom never really leaves you? 

Just putting out some Halloween and fall decor and BAM, there is my Bev.
My Mom loved giving gifts. She never had much money, but she always found little gifts to give; that was her love language.

~I’ve probably had the jack-o-lantern candle holder and the ceramic pumpkin on my dining room table for at least 25 years from my Mom.~

My Mom had a gift closet that was pretty impressive; nothing very expensive, just small thoughtful gifts. Bev passed away in June of 2015. When the family and I went to see my Cuz Patrick and give him the bad news he was very upset, but without missing a beat, he asked if She had already got him a gift for his upcoming (August) birthday. We all had a little giggle and assured him, that there was most likely a gift. She was always ahead of the game.  

In other random news, I’m re-doing my front butterfly garden. 
Not to be confused with my back or side butterfly gardens. The zinnias screamed FALL at me. Which was kind of jarring, but I purchased them anyway. And the daisies are just lovely; Bev’s favorite flower. 
This is about as fall as it gets down here in SW Florida. But I’ll take it. 
Have a great weekend~~xoxo

12 thoughts on “Fall gifts from Bev

  1. Bev was such a lovely person! How sweet that you have these little gifts and the daisies to remind you of her. That is hilarious about Cuz Patrick just knowing she had him a present ahead of time! She would have giggled at that!Love to you all this weekend.


  2. Your decorations look so cute and an added blessing that there is sentimental value to some. I don't have room to save decorations anymore but the Grand Girls made me two small decorated pumpkins and I am going to have to find a spot to show them off.


  3. What a wonderful mom and what great, great memories!!! I love pulling out old things year after year that hold meanings to me. I had to snicker at Patrick asking about the gift. How funny! xo Diana


  4. My mom also gave little surprises and we continue the same thing now. Latest was our daughter who found some Nordicware skull muffin tins for her brother. So far he has made breakfast muffins, cornbread skulls, and raisin bran muffins. It is so much more fun to find just the right thing and gift someone for no reason at all.


  5. How sweet! She sounds a lot like my Mom. After she died, we found several new things tucked away she was saving to give my kids. She even had a box of new Christmas things she was planning to use the following year. She always planned ahead for the holidays, too.


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