Birthdays and weekends~two of my favorite things.

This little nugget had his 54th birthday on Monday.

He was (and is) so adorable! 
We had a nice family dinner at home on Sunday with his Mom, Step-Dad and Linds. 

Then on Monday, we went out to dinner with his Dad and Step-mom. I love birthdays!
The Coach doesn’t get excited about his big day…he can ‘take it or leave it’.
ME? I want to be celebrated every freaking day. Well, without the getting-older-every-day-part.

We had a nice weekend at our little rental condo by the beach. It’s been 6 weeks since we were able to get over there, so we were excited. Although the Coach was gone literally all day Saturday (5:30am-10:15pm) helping to coach a college team for the day.
Yes, he retired last year. Yes, he can’t say NO when someone needs help.
We’re hoping to get more time at the beach before the snowbirds arrive (agghhhh, they’re annoying!) and before we rent it out for the winter.

So, is it weird that I won’t leave a vase full of flowers at home? I always take them with me. 😉

Callie the Cow dog enjoys our visits there because that means I have to walk her. There’s none of this ‘just open the front door and let her roam’. The HOA would have our heads on a platter. So, really, it’s good for both of us as we tend to get more exercise.

I’m still amazed at how good she is on a leash. We’ve had her just 4 years now and from day one, she was well behaved and listened as best as she could. For a dog that had NO training and had never lived in a home with people, but worked her entire life, she’s adapted very well. She’s getting close to 13 and seems to be in good health. Her hearing is going a bit, (mine too!) but aside from that, she’s a happy camper.

I hope everyone had a great weekend as well!

14 thoughts on “Birthdays and weekends~two of my favorite things.

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the coach!!! I'm with him. I don't like much made of my birthday. Didn't even when I was young. And absolutely you must not leave cut flowers home alone. So depressing to see when you get back. Don't forget to have your poop bags visible when you walk Callie. If they are in your pocket some busybody will report that you didn't have any with you.


  2. I love that baby pic of Coach! My Coach and I are not big birthday people. I think on my part it's because my brother's bday is 2 days after Christmas and mine is 3 days later. I grew up not expecting much fanfare. My in laws are florida snowbirds, and no one has ever been more annoying. Hee hee.


  3. I have never been much of a birthday person. I'm not sure why since I am such a sweets lover but I think because it is about one person and not the family – like Thanksgiving. The Coach is probably like me and suffers through the day so others can feel happiness. That's not to say that I don't appreciate that I am above ground one more year. My sisters are Celebrator-types too and make the family a wonderful place to be.


  4. The thought of leaving fresh flowers and coming home to find them dead is utterly depressing so I don't blame you for taking them.I think it depends on what you learned growing up re: birthdays. In my house, ALL holidays and birthdays were a big deal to be celebrated. So that's what I've done with my little family. The only caveat, as an introvert, yes I want my birthday to be big deal BUT only within our little family.


  5. I never go out without bags. I had one person who was driving down the street stop and ask me if I cleaned up after my dog as they saw her squatting and then we walked away. Me: Clean up her PEE????!!!


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