Too much of a good thing keeps Suz happy.

I’ve been on a cottage cheese and pineapple kick lately. Every darn day. 

Breakfast? Sure. 

Dinner? Suz, you might need SOME variety in your life.  


One of the awesome gifts that the Coach procured for my birthday this year is flower delivery from The Bougs. You might recall he gifted this to me a few Christmas’s ago and I loved it so much.
So, Suz gets flowers delivered every 2 weeks. 
Why, yes, I am a spoiled little brat thank you very much. And no, I’m not going to feel bad about that either.      *removes hands from hips and moves on*

If you know me at all, which I’m sure you do, I love having fresh flowers in the house. If I can’t have them, I’ll cut some stuff from the yard and bring it in. Weeds, flowers, tree branches, poison ivy. Some lessons are hard learned. 

Most of the bougs that come are so large that I have to split them into two or more vases; what a daunting job I have. 

 {I don’t always watch Ellen, but when I do, I’m cooking dinner}

In the words of my Grandma, “IT LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE DIED!”

Gerbera daisies and eucalyptus. It smells like a spa in here!

The white roses lasted nearly forever. 16 days. That’s almost forever, right? 

What a sweet and thoughtful gift from my one and only. I’m gonna have to pay him back with something special….hmmmm….dinner and a movie? A day of fishing? A day of me not asking him any questions? Goodness…he’s hard to shop for!

Anyone else have anything they’re digging lately?  

15 thoughts on “Too much of a good thing keeps Suz happy.

  1. I love anything fruit, cottage cheese not so much but fresh flowers every two weeks, yeah I could get used to that! I'm not complaining though, my husband spoils me plenty and like yours, he too is hard to shop for.


  2. I have . . . wait for it . . . never tried cottage cheese. I have shared my limited exposure to food as a kid, right. Anyway the look of it and the texture do not appeal to me, but embarrassing to admit I have not eaten it. Love me some pineapple though. Those flowers are amazing!! I do not think I would have enough vases. Yep, that's why I never have flowers around the house. 😉


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