Stand up and look at those car tattoos.

It might sound like I’m whining about nonsense because I am. 
I know that in life we all get to make our own choices on how we live/act/handle/project/do life but really, it would be so much better if everyone did as I do.      *giggle giggle*

Example #753
Car tattoos.

And why the heck so many? Is this a ploy to distract me, because it really worked. Congratulations.

Like I told my girls eleventy thousand times, that’s gonna leave a mark. 
Years ago I recall having a very lengthy conversation while traveling in the car with the Coach and both our girls about bumper stickers. 
None of us comprehend the concept. But then again, we might be weird. 
I might have been the only Mom who didn’t put the “My child is an honor student” sticker on her white suburban back in the day even though we know my girls were (unlike their Mom) honor students. 

And since I’m ranting and raving. 
Wait, that was just one rant OR one rave? 

When you see someone slouched over, don’t you want to run over and push their back IN and their shoulders back?
{Did you just straighten up?}
Let’s be real though, I’m not running anywhere, but I’ve contemplated it just because it gets on my nerves and it hurts my back to see this. 
On occasion, after a few hours at my computer,  I’ve found myself hunched over before and I actually leave my body and see myself from across the room and wow-that looks so uncomfortable Suzanne! 
Straighten up and get your act together woman. Also, I should not leave my body so often in case I get lost out there.  

Now that I got all that off my back (!!) I feel a bit better. 
You know I’m just pulling your leg hairs…I’m really a ray of freaking sunshine. 

Any grievances you’d care to share with the class? 
Wishing everyone a great weekend doing something fun while having the best posture ever. 

15 thoughts on “Stand up and look at those car tattoos.

  1. Good Morning! I am sitting up straight as I type this!!! lol I wonder about the tattoos on car windows, too….I need to see clearly out of all my car windows! Like you, I never put bumper stickers on my car, because they would be impossible to remove. I also am a nut about putting holes in the sheetrock to hang pictures. I'd rather have NO pictures that lots of holes in the walls! lol Have a great weekend. xo


  2. I sat up straight in my chair after reading this! I often sit poorly but I think (I hope) that I do a better job when standing. I have a ton of pet peeves and have often thought about doing a whole post on them but figured I would come off sounding bitchy and would most likely offend someone in the process. However, since you asked, I will share one – I hate when people share pictures of their feet on social media after getting a pedicure. I think all feet (even freshly pedicured ones) are weird looking and I don't want to see any toes that aren't attached to my own feet. And I really don't even like those!!!! (See – bitchy AND offensive!)


  3. Ha! I bought a bumper sticker for my car during the election because I thought it was hilarious. I put it on both of our cars: 'VOTE FOR OBIE WAN KENOBI, HE'S OUR ONLY HOPE!' I also have a peel and stick (that will come off) with the name of our Irish dancing studio, because I love the teacher. And one for our awesome high school. Sadly I have (I think had, though) terrible posture. I sit on a giant ball when I am at the computer. Um, have I mentioned I am married to a physical therapist? I was SO tall as a kid that I slouched down because I hated to stand out. Poor self esteem. Bad habit. The whole she-bang. Now that I workout a ton, I don't think my posture is an issue. Mini does not have good posture now, and she DOES NOT suffer from low self esteem. Maybe it is a tall girl issue? Anyway, work in progress. I highly recommend those that sit at a computer all the time to sit on a huge ball (yoga ball?). I have had very few low back issues since. I have a gripe: people who talk on the phone in public but with no phone visible. I always turn around and look at them 'You talkin' to me?' Then I realize that they must have some hidden ear bud or microphone or maybe they just forgot to take their meds. I think that is totally weird though. (I just wrote a post about things that I love and things that I hate – to appear magically in a week or two and I just thought this morning that I should add the talking to nobody thing on my think I hate list.)


  4. My posture is not the best…making a mental note to work on that.Asking me to list my grievances? I can do that, and can probably go on and on about some of them. For brevity's sake:TailgatersLack of turn signal useMisspellings/Misuse of words (I TRY to give grace on this one because we all make mistakes but…come on, we've all got Google!)People who insist on using their speaker phone in public and/or watching videos without earbuds – I'd like to eat my lunch in peace, please and thank you.I better stop here; or the next person that comments will say, \”Yeah, and what about those people whose comments are 8 pages long?!\”


  5. Well, I was never tall so, I wouldn't know about that part, but I think you're correct. I recall seeing younger tall girls who were trying to NOT be tall. I get that. Yes, to the phone in public. We don't all want to hear your conversations!! I've also been surprised by those peeps with the invisible phones. Hmmmmm….there must be a shortage of meds going around.


  6. yeah, holes in the wall is kind of a big deal too. We have stucco outisde and I've wanted to hang things on the lanai, but it's too hard to drill in and then it's there forever. Have a great weekend!!


  7. LOL- about the car stickers. We once pulled up behind two cars across from each other in double lanes at a stop light. One had a bumper sticker that said- HONK IF YOU LOVE JESUS. The car next to it sported an equally memorable bumper sticker. It said-HONK IF YOU LOVE CLOWNS. I didn't want to confuse anyone as to who I was honking for so I honked twice. My husband was mortified. xo Diana


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