Vehicle switcharoo, dem’ damn gators and my girls are solid.

An update of sorts from casa de Busy Bee.

The Coach purchased a new truck for himself. I was floored by how large it is. It’s actually larger in real life than this pic. He needed a bigger truck (“we’re gonna need a bigger truck”)  to tow his car trailer and his xl smoker. Also, the occasional Joker and midnight toker.

It’s extremely deluxe inside; it has that open concept feel that people on HGTV are always looking for.
This new truck means, Lolo trades in Coach’s previous truck that she’s been driving for several years, after trading in (to us) her High School Toyota FJ; which we’ve kept because it’s just a cool vehicle and we have a thousand garages and they don’t make them anymore. run.on.sentence.much.

It’s the old fable of vehicle move-alongs through the family. When she and Mattis drive down for Christmas break, she’ll upgrade from her pickup truck. She and Mattis are stoked.  Then again, Mattis, is always stoked.  

Recent pic of Lolo and Mattis in VA.

I realized while writing this, that all four of us have white vehicles. Not Mattis, just Lolo, Linds, Coach, and Suz. The Coach and I have had solely white cars/trucks since 1997 aside from one brief time when we leased via our business silver vehicles for 2 years. Neither of us was super happy for that time period and we went back to white.
I’m not a vehicle racist.
But I am a liar.

I saw this the other day.

I adore dolphins, but I’m still having my dreams invaded by alligators weekly. It.never.ends.

So, we’re all hunky-dory here. Linds is doing well too. To quote the wonderful late Donna Summer-“She works hard for her money, so hard for it honey”.

No big weekend plans here. The Coach is coaching and I’m hoping to finish up my veggie garden and some of the other never-ending to-dos at this compound that we call Home Sweet Home. I’m a tad excited to be baby dog sitting Lolo and Nathan’s Max Max.

What’s on your agenda?
Surfing in Costa Rica? Alligator wrestling in Florida? Garage sale-ing in Indiana? I’ve heard that garage sale-ing is a sport for some people.

Have a great weekend doing whatever it is that you choose to do without me.

13 thoughts on “Vehicle switcharoo, dem’ damn gators and my girls are solid.

  1. I've taken a fancy to white cars with the last couple I bought. Insurance used to say they were safest because they were easily seen. I think several other people saw that info because the parking lots seem overloaded with white cars. Now I can never find my car!


  2. I drive a white Chevy Express. It seats 12. We bought it used. In its former life it was an airport shuttle. I babysat FOREVER for a family who owns dealerahips. I begged him to find me one that was not white. No such luck. It still has the 'thank you for not smoking sticker' in the window. When Laddie was born, Coach was still a full time PT student. I was big into garage sales. Those ride on toys and wagons and books- just cannot beat the 2nd hand prices. Nowadays when I need something for my childcare services I reach out to people on Letgo or Facebook, etc. Oh but I did love the high I got from pulling up to a good garage sale. One with lots of kid gear qualified as good. This weekend will be volleyball games for Curly and Tank on Saturday. And Curly dances in a competition on Sunday and might play more volleyball depending on hoe they do in playoffs.


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