Bathtub time, couch time and found bloomers.

I’m famous for having the weirdest dreams.
I’m sure you’ve read about them. Somewhere.
I woke up Monday morning and told the Coach: “I had a dream that we were in a big bathtub, having sexy time.”
He said:” That’s great.”
Me in my sexiest 7:30 am voice-“Ooooh, it waaaass”
Him: “I’m just happy I was there.”

Thank goodness it was him and not a darn alligator.

Updating the man cave/theater/party room.
I’ve talked about updating this room for well over a year, and we’re finally making some headway. The Coach was hesitant because he insinuated that I do everything in the house to my liking. I don’t understand why that’s a problem. Everyone knows it’s best if I get my way.
We got a new couch after 16 years and I LOVE it so much that if I were a single gal, I’d marry it.

We’ve been slowly updating all the upholstery (wall panels, drapes) in the room (Thank you to my MIL & FIL for that) and we’re going to redo the bar countertop and add in stone on the backsplash.  I’ll share before/after photos when all is said and done.

I sent a pic of the couch to the girls for them to see the update. They both said it was lovely, and my Lolo pointed out that she was impressed with the size of our “pool table-shaped bar cart”.
Honestly, I don’t know where she gets it from…..
I had to empty the liquor cabinet for my electrician to do some wiring. Sassy pants.

I love finding surprises in the yard. And I don’t mean accidentally walking in dog poop.

Lot’s of happy orchids.

Have you stumbled upon anything fun this week? I know, it’s only Tuesday but I’m trying to be positive.

7 thoughts on “Bathtub time, couch time and found bloomers.

  1. That is an awesome couch. Love that she noticed the booze in the background. I did not even see it. I love our couches and shiver to think of hunting for new couches someday. I shopped for these when I was very pregnant with Reggie 13 years ago. Winter. Dry. Sitting down. Standing up. No joke, my ass was chapped! Ha. To answer your question: I have discovered two great writing groups in the last few months. Trying to do SOMETHING besides laundry and diapers and meals.


  2. I have had a couple of happy surprises in my son's yard. His LARGE golden-doodle (who is black as sin) leaves horse sized piles in the yard that sonny-boy sometimes misses. uh-huh!Your new couch is great. I have two leather pieces (couch and sofa) that are 15 years old that I am tired of and you would think I wanted to cut off my husband's arm when I ask about getting rid of them. He may have to go before the couches do because, as you say, \”Everyone knows it's best if I get my way'. lol xo Diana


  3. Love the couch! Today I noticed that my African violet – which hasn't bloomed since I got it finally is ready to put out flowers! Apparently, it hated my house because it took me taking it to work to get those buds.


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