Weekend Smeekend.

We’ve had such a sweet weekend. The weather Gods finally gave us a break from the heat and we enjoyed every minute of it. Doors and windows were open, fresh air was coming through the house.

 I might have spied a dust bunny or two screaming by as the winds blew.
{That’s Max, not a dust bunny}

On Saturday the Coach and I went to a boat show at our marina (wine, excellent food, oh and boats) and then we went to a fundraiser for the Shy Wolf Sanctuary and saw several friends and one of our favorite local bands performed. 
In other news, the Coach and I have taken full custody of Max until Lolo finishes school. Actually, she may never get him back. 🙂 He was living with Nathan (Lolo’s love) but he really likes to be surrounded by people and Nathan works 12+ hours shifts. G’ma Suz is home a good amount of the time and that makes Max very happy. 

Does he know how to make himself at home? Why yes, he does. I wish I didn’t care about my bits and pieces hanging out…..

‘Twas a good weekend even though I kept my bits to myself.

Happy Monday!

14 thoughts on “Weekend Smeekend.

  1. Glad your weather was good and that you had a nice weekend. Our cold weather finally left and we are so happy to be back to normal for a while. Our WI daughter is visiting and delighted to be out of the snow and frigid weather there.


  2. First of all thank you so much for the wonderful comment on my blog. Its great to meet you.I love blogging, much more than other social networks. Your house looks massive and beautiful. I live in the UK in a tiny flat lol but happily with hubby and Jojo our fur baby. Love Max he certainly does look at home there. 🙂


  3. What a beautiful home! Lucky you- enjoying the weather. Chicago is a downer this time of year. Boo hoo. OMG if my kid's tried to get me to inherit a pet- allergies make that a no can do. Love that you are keeping your bits and pieces in check!


  4. Thank you. Hey, we suffer through summers from hell, so it's much deserved. Lolo and Nathan asked me my preference with Max. He was fine where he with Nathn, but he's even finer here. We already have a 65lb old lady, so whats one more little fella?


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