The fourth Thursday in November is my favorite Thursday

Thanksgiving our way.

We don’t always have Dom Perignon, but when we do call it B*tch Champagne.
I’ll explain in another post, because it’s pretty funny.

 {My Linds}
 {Coach’s Dad & Step-Mom}
 {My Aunt Trisha & Uncle Jim}

 We took our family Christmas card pics on Thanksgiving minus our Lolo.

{Linds posing while I set up the camera}

Nathan was finally able to fly up and spend some time with Lolo this week. On Thanksgiving they drove about 5 hours south to spend some time with Nathan’s Mom and family. So, Lolo wasn’t with us, but she was with them and that made me happy.
{Nathan, Mattis & Lolo}

I’ve taken down my Thanksgiving tree and hope to put up my Christmas tree soon.
We had a great day with awesome people and fabulous food.

I’m just pulling your leg hairs….I don’t have a Thanksgiving tree. Yet.

I hope everyone had an equally blessed day!

9 thoughts on “The fourth Thursday in November is my favorite Thursday

  1. Sounds fun! Looks wonderful. You had me at Thanksgiving tree. I envisioned little wishbones or fake drumbsticks all over it. I saw a t-shirt at my fav Von Maur dept store. It had a turkey leg on it and words that read: 'Leftovers are for quitters!' Hilarous. My sister played old home movies of the cousins as little guys. Positively gut splitting. Her kids were crazy neat knicks- like her (just one more testament that I was adopted). Her young adult kids were able to laugh about how my kids would typically mess up their neat toy system and often break something. Not gonna deny that I raised some not-so-gentle giants. Ha!


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