A few big things

I’ve been so busy with home/party/holiday/medical stuff and I feel like December is trying to crush me.
And not the kind of crush that makes you wear lip gloss 24/7.
But in the words of the great Gloria Gaynor: I will survive.

I just wanted to drop a few big things here on the blog.

My kale. (planted 8 weeks ago)
DaYuMMMM, it’s big.

And it’s also delicious sauteed with some garlic.

We’re still working on our landscaping and I have a butterfly whisperer helping me out. He’s eons ahead of me with butterfly knowledge. I mean he uses real names for them and not ‘that big yellow one with spots on it’ and has chosen some great plants; there is going to be a butterfly orgy when it’s all said and done. Rated R for Ridiculous!

Look at the (BIG) size of this pipevine flower. Have you ever seen anything like this?

Well, now that I think of it, it resembles something I might have seen in health class.
This pipevine will attract the elusive (to me) polydamas swallowtail. If you hear some loud screeching soon, it’s me finally seeing one in person!
Did you just roll your eyes and call me dramatic? 

I started to put up Christmas decorations and it was all good until I realized that I loathe my Christmas tree. I used to love it, but after the last 4 years of it losing sections of lights here and there, I declared that we are going to break up.
The new (unlit) tree is ordered, just trying to figure out what to do with old tree to avoid the landfill.
I’ve had two different Dr. appointments this week (it’s only Wednesday) with two Orthopedics. I’m gonna just say that 52 is the age that my body is starting to turn on me. (knees & elbow/arm)
But again, I will survive. Thank you, Gloria.

We have a full weekend of fundraisers/parties and house guests.
Then I have two weekends of hosting parties; personal and our business party for employees. And I think Christmas is a minute after that.
And then someone has her 24th birthday. Spoiler alert, it’s not me, hence the Dr. appointments.

I’m really not complaining because life is beautiful and I’m fortunate enough to have alll these plans. Also, we have health insurance. I’m gonna blame the orthopedic issues on something that one of my ancestors did in the past that I’m now paying for karma-wise. 😉
Thank you great-great-great-grandfather for doing something unkind to another person. You fart blossom you.
That made me chuckle; I love calling someone a fart blossom. Even if they’re no longer with us.

So, how are my people? Anything positive that you can share with me?
Sharing is caring.


11 thoughts on “A few big things”

  1. We have been slowly decorating this year instead of the all-at-once we usually do. We also decided to change trees. We love the \”old\” one but at twelve feet, it just takes too much effort to assemble. Not to mention the step ladder needed for the ornaments. So we're going with a smaller tree with fewer ornaments. No big plans for entertaining, just quality time with family. Good luck with the orthopedist.


  2. That kale – yowza! In only 8 weeks?! You are quite the gardener. It looks amazing. Boring me, I still buy everything from the stores. I struggle enough with the inside of the house – planting stuff outside would require me to clone myself (and add a green thumb component). I am excited to hear about your new butterfly visitors.I had another doctor appointment this am too. The rhuemotologist has ruled out arthritis, which is good. She thinks it is just joint swelling from celiac. I have to see ANOTHER doc in that group to review the cyst on the one pinkie. Geez.Curly just asked me when we were getting our tree. I was like: NO IDEA! Today is Tank's birthday and I don't even have a gift for him. I might give him the thing he opened that was supposed to be his BIG Christmas gift, but I am still mad at him for that. Hmm. I am excited to go to my college book club's Christmas party tonight. There are a million things happening tonight and I am ditching all of them to be there. (sorry, Tank – we will celebrate another time, because Coach is working late anyway). Mini has agreed to take Reg to the high school for the 8th grade night. I already know what the counselors talk about in their generic speeches anyway. We have a very busy sports weekend with travel volleyball both Sat and Sun for Tank. Travel b-ball for Curly Fri and twice on Sunday. Reg travel b-ball on Sunday. Mini high school ball on Saturday. See what I mean – who has time for a tree?


  3. I don't know how you get anything done aside from running kids all over for the different activities. And, I was wondering what was happening with your digits….hopefully the issues will be resolved soon. Happy birthday to your Tank!!


  4. Your plants look great! Enjoy your new tree. I bought a new one last year. I loved my old one, but it was a hassle to set up and was too big. December is always so busy full of events for everyone!


  5. I never thought I'd be jealous of someone's kale, but here we are – rather, there you are in sunny growing-stuff-in-December land and here I am in the frozen Canadian wastes. Our frozen Christmas tree is currently thawing out in the living room as we wait eagerly to see what kind of shape it will take (it looks like it might be kind of pathetic, but we will love it anyway). I did love my girlfriend's tree which is prelit with lights that switch between light and multicoloured and I keep saying we're going to get an artificial tree but we haven't quite made it there yet.


  6. Wow, growing plants in December, impressive. We're all cold and freezing and we aren't even in Canada, can you believe I live in the desert but we get large amounts of snow in the winter. Well we already had our first snowfall so no growing big huge kale and Butterfly whisperer for us. I do love kale though. I'm all about fake trees but not the kind that are prelit I always wondered what happens when the lights start to go. You can't just replace the lights like go and get a new strand so I'm sticking with my old fashion one where you string the lights yourself. The only thing is I have to get a pine scented candle because I do miss the fresh scent of a real tree.Have a great weekend !!Saimi


  7. Very sorry about your knees and elbows. Keep us posted. Your butterfly garden is going to be FAB! You will be busy taking lots of photos. Best wishes with the parties. We donated a lot of Christmas trees to the Humane Society; they sell them for a small profit – a win/win!


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