The Elbow of my Christmas is mostly my tree, and a little bit is my actual elbow.

I complained briefly last week about my visit(s) to the orthopedic. I’m mostly fixed. At least for now.
About a month ago I started having a pain in my right elbow; then it amplified and radiated from my wrist to my shoulder.
It got to the point that I couldn’t do my weekly TRX class at the gym. The coach, who didn’t actually attend medical school, but has a self-given degree, declared that I had tennis elbow.
Me: I’ve not touched a tennis racket since I was 13. 
That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works.
So, I already had an appointment for my knee issue, but the Dr. who saw my knee does not see elbows. I had to go back and see a different Dr. in the same building, two days later. It brought to mind the old song, ‘head, shoulders, knees & toes.’ But not elbows.
Damn it to heck if the Dr. didn’t say I had tennis elbow. The humanity of it all, it’s terrible when the husband is right!!
By the way, I could have given birth to this sweet Dr. 
He offered a steroid shot and said I would have relief within a day or so.
Behold, the miracle. He was right! I’m healed.
Hopefully, it will last until he gives me my Mother’s day gift. 


Last week I mentioned on the blog our old Christmas tree, that I was sick of because of the lights, but I didn’t want to drop it in the landfill or have strangers come to my house to pick it up. 
I even asked the Coach on Saturday….‘what am I going to do with that old tree?’
His response: ‘put it in your garage next to the old sofa that you can’t get rid of’. 

One minute he’s a Doctor, the next he’s a comedian. 
A few hours later Lolo texted me saying she read my blog and wanted the tree for her and Nathan at their new house. 
Then she decided to burst my bubble by saying they can’t fit a 9ft tree in their home because their ceilings are too low. 
I was a bit miffed and thought that they could make it work if they realllly wanted to.
Who came up with the phrase RAISE the ROOF? 
Kids these days.
Still working on that, but I think Lolo found a home for it.  

So, I was so hell-bent on getting an UN-LIT tree.  Just in case your brain works like mine, that means the tree doesn’t have lights, not that it’s a sober tree.
I googled how many lights I’d need for a 9-foot tree and apparently, MY google machine doesn’t work properly because I purchased 1/3 of the amount I actually needed. 
So, Linds was on her way down to help me decorate, I spoke to her just after she left her place and just after she passed HER Michaels store. I asked her to get more of the lights I needed from MY Michaels store. 
Do you think they had them at MY store? 
Nope, they had them at HER store. 
Double SNAP!

I ordered them online for a store pick up that will have to happen later this week. So, I have half a new tree, a whole old tree, an XL couch in my garage and Christmas is kicking my elbow butt. 
When I was complaining about it all to my Lindsay, she said: “You know, you don’t have to do all of this.” 
I never really thought about it. 
But then again…..
Yes. I DO have to do it. 
I’m afraid of what would happen if I didn’t decorate. 
Or host our annual cocktail party. 
Or host Christmas eve. 
I would probably be mad at myself in a week or two. 
So, I’ll forge on and maybe complain about it every once in a while. 
But in a few weeks, I’ll only have wonderful memories. 
I’ll have ONLY good memories. 


10 thoughts on “The Elbow of my Christmas is mostly my tree, and a little bit is my actual elbow.

  1. When the lights on our pre-lit Christmas tree started going out, we just bought more strings of light to add to the tree. In addition to not having to get rid of the old tree and buy a new one, we now have lots of places for hanging ornaments.


  2. Thankful your elbow is better! I know your tree will be lovely and yes, you will enjoy the get-togethers and be glad that you did it all. Be sure to share lots of pics. Merry Christmas xoxo


  3. I can't imagine stringing lights on the tree ever again. I always thought that was the worst part of decorating. Glad your elbow is better. Amazing how the orthopedists seem to specialize on a specific joint. A bit inconvenient but worth it in the end.


  4. I'm glad the steroid shot helped! I also get bouts of \”tennis elbow\” or as my doctor called it, \”mother's elbow\” and while the shots did work, in the end I found that works best for me for flareups was an elbow brace. Cheap, easy and, best of all, no doctor's appointment!Yes, I get it. If we don't do it all – who will?


  5. I had tennis elbow most of last year. No- I do not play tennis. I also have hhad turf toe and I do not play football. Coach is opposed to shots – not sure why- so I dealt with the pain and him harrassing me to do my exersizes for SIX MONTHS!I doubt we will even entertain at all over the holidays, but I will at some point get out my decorations. When? No idea. I am still working on the finishing touches of my year end recap Christmas poem to be inserted into the cards IF THEY ARE EVER DELIVERED! I am seeing a doc to ruke out RA in my messed up pinkies. The cyst on ine of those pinkies- well, that requires a different doc in the same office. Seriously!I'm sure your decorations and your parties will be amazing!


  6. I've never heard of turf toe….hopefully I won't pick that up anywhere. 🙂 A year end Christmas poems sounds both awesome and daunting–good luck with that. I'm sure you'll kill it!!Those darn pinkies of yours. I hope you're feeling better.


  7. We do get stuck in habits of what we have to do. You are handling all of it fine but if and when you want to let of one of two things, give yourself permission. I didn't put up a tree this year. I told myself if it got to feeling too strange I could go out and buy one no matter if I waited to the last moment. I walked by the trees at the grocery tonight and I thought I really did love live trees but it was ok to have no tree this Christmas. Next year? I don't know we'll have to see.


  8. I have tennis elbow too! Well, library elbow, properly speaking. I keep meaning to go to physio. My mantra for Christmas has become \”do what you can, and let the rest go\”, but we still put up a tree and decorations (just not always ALL of them) and bake stuff and host Christmas Eve because it's more fun than not fun. I'm only slightly mad that your garage is cleaner than my actual house.


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