Blogging probs, new lights, one shindig down, two shindigs to go.

I’m still struggling to comment on blogs. If yours is set to accept comments ‘Imbedded’, then I can’t comment. If it’s set to ‘pop up window’ I have a much better chance of commenting.
Don’t ask me why.
I almost pulled out my last 799 hairs trying to figure it out, then I realized I had eleventymillion other things to do that were more of a pressing matter; I’ll try to tackle it in 2020.
I’m reading and keeping up…but you’d never know it because I’m incognito now.

We had our company party on Saturday and it was a major success. Our biggest issue usually is people NOT showing up when they say they will. {wasting $$}They all showed up.
We provide a nice dinner, dancing, (fake) casino games, raffle prizes, free drinks, and a HOTEL ROOM for the night. And we’re not talking Holiday Inn Express. It’s a bonafide shindig that is open to every employee, whether they are upper management or sweeping the warehouse.
The Coach didn’t think I had enough raffle prizes (16) so he pulled out cash and gave out $$ to at least 5 more people who had their tickets pulled. I don’t call him my Sugar Daddy for nothing.
You know the saying, there’s ‘one in every crowd’. Well, of course, we had one jerk who broke the rules and smoked in his hotel room either before or after the party.
Luckily, they took his CC for incidentals and didn’t use mine for the $250 fine. It’s expensive to be stupid.

Anyhoo in other news, the Coach put some fabulous outdoor lighting fixtures on our trees/landscape between Friday and Saturday (pre-party). I might have said this before, but the man is a hard-working machine. When we arrived back home after the party at midnight, it was like seeing our very own Christmas present! He did SO well. I’ll have to see if I’m able to photograph it all.

{having a flashback Christmas card moment from 2013. I miss those silly boxers so much}

It’s Tuesday and I woke up at 5:30am. That is almost unheard of unless I’m getting up to pee. I’ve got so much on my mind and so much to do this week. We have 45 RSVPs for Saturday night IN OUR HOUSE.
My sweet as heck husband threw a wrench in at the last minute and we have a “surprise musical guest’ stopping by. Oh, can you ask everyone to come an hour earlier because he can only play at a certain time before another gig?”
Emails, texts and phone calls to guests and the caterer; I’ve got everyone moved up an hour.
Not one person asked who the surprise guest was aside from my two girls.
“Is it Patrick?”
“Is it Django? He’s soooo cute”
No….it’s neither of them.
“OMG, is it Darius?? IT’S DARIUS ISN’T IT?
Then we told them whoever gets married first, we’ll get Darius to play their reception.
They decided to have a joint wedding….I’ll let you know when that happens.


I’ve decided to not do any Christmas shopping this year and I’m devoting all my time to getting ready for this party, and then for Christmas eve when the whole fam-damily comes over for dinner and fellowship. Plus, I have a double wedding to plan AND figure out how to kidnap Darius Rucker.

Our Christmas card pic from 2019. I couldn’t even bother with dogs, Callie or Max and I added in a separate pic of Lolo with her Mattis.

And in other good news, Lolo earned all A’s in her first semester of Grad school. Smart and purty….that’s how I make them!

And in other, other good news, my girls survived their road trip from VA and they are both safe and sound in their perspective homes.

Life is GOOD!!
Wishing you all a great week and upcoming weekend and hoping you don’t have eleventymillion things to do.


8 thoughts on “Blogging probs, new lights, one shindig down, two shindigs to go.

  1. That party sounds AMAZING! Sugar Daddy is no joke. Smoking in a hotel??!!! Been down thst path recently. I am feeling like I fall into the eleventy million category. I planned to stuff my cards last night but opted to go to a city council meeting cuz I heard they were gonna put a cannabis store in the center of my little town. 3 hours later- no cards done but the proposal was voted down. Still might happen on outskirts of town. Grrr. Cards happening today. Then maybe a decoration or two. College kids come home. It is busy and the house is trashed as usual. Ho ho ho. Enjoy your parties!!!


  2. Wow. I didn't know hotels did that. i did rent a car one time and the agent was complaining about a non-smoking car being returned with smoke smell and he had to send it to a special place to get it cleaned at quite an expense. Your party sounds like a spectacular success.


  3. Amazing! We went to one of those work parties with the hotel room last month and it was delightful, but what a lot of work. My own hard-working husband flew to Boston overnight for work Monday, got home Tuesday and drove ten hours to retrieve our son from his girlfriend's place near Albany on Wednesday. HOW big a jerk do you have to be to smoke in a non-smoking hotel room? I don't have quite eleventy million things left to do, but I do have to bake more toffee pretzel bark for Eve to take to school tomorrow. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family.


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