~~We’re going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married~~Ok, maybe NOT an actual chapel

Our Lolo and Nathan became engaged on Christmas eve this year!

We knew it was coming; Nathan asked us permission back in August.
Do all guys still do that?
I know I was thrilled that he was raised to know this is a good thing, but surely he knew we would say YES. We adore him! Actually, aside from asking the Coach and me, he asked my In-laws, Lindsay, our BFF’s Don and Kelly, etc….I think he might have asked the waiter that night too.
He’s a good one.

Lolo is not a traditional girl (neither is her sister) and had no desire for a diamond. She told me this years ago and I tried to argue with her. “You’ll regret it later, everyone wants a diamond!”

She never wavered in what she wants. She wanted an aquamarine stone. Simple.
Nathan had his Grandmother’s ring and visited a jeweler, asked him to find a nice aquamarine and use some of the diamonds from G’mas ring to come up with something for Lolo. 
He did well; she loves her ring. 
And if I could take a good close up pic of them both, they both have aquamarine colored eyes.
I can just picture my future grandbabies right now.
{Christmas day: “let’s take a picture, but I’m breaking out, and I don’t want to put on makeup, so avoid my face”}

I’m so thrilled for them.
But 10 minutes later she decided to burst my wedding planning bubble.
She doesn’t want a traditional wedding at a hotel, a church, the beach, etc.
It’s going to be small in an unusual venue and we have to wait until she finishes Grad school.
It looks like I won’t need to shop for my Mother of the Bride dress for a few years, but then again, I have time to lose some weight.  She waited a long time for her Prince Charming and it will all be worth it.
BONUS: The Coach and I were engaged on Christmas Eve, so I declare that it’s good luck.
We’re so incredibly happy for them both!
Wishing everyone a safe and happy beginning of 2020. XOXO

12 thoughts on “~~We’re going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married~~Ok, maybe NOT an actual chapel

  1. Oh my gosh! How exciting!!! The best news in this for me is that you like Nathan so much. As a mom I feel like there is always a new worry: will they EVER sleep thru the night, learn to read, make good friends, get into a college they want to go to, AND will they meet a wonderful person to marry. :)I have noticed your family sports really pretty eyes. The ring is beautiful. Love that she knows what she wants and that it is not necessarily what most people do. I also love that Nathan asked permission. So sweet. When Coach did that, he called my little bro to get my folks' number from him. My bro slipped up and told me Coach had called for the number and almost blew the surprise. Coach covered for himself so quick with 'I wanted to ask your dad about how he liked having a DVD player in his car because I was gonna get one for your car.' Smooth! He propsed on Dec 16th. (I was not expecting it because he had just started PT school). Congrats!!!


  2. Well Lolo must be a member of my tribe. I think colored stones are beautiful and make a great engagement ring. I am also a believer in small, intimate weddings. I'm sure you and she will come up with something original and romantic.


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