I can still hear the squeak of the squeegee

It took me over 2 hours to clean the glass in the family room/foyer/sitting area the Saturday after Christmas.

If I cleaned windows for a living, we’d be living in squalor because I didn’t even clean the top rectangular ones and I was exhausted AND it felt like it took me forever.

I told you we had 5 dogs here over Christmas, correct? Three of them really don’t understand how glass works. Who’s wild idea was it to live in a glass house? 

The house was vacuumed Christmas eve morning and exactly 24 hours later, it needed to be vacuumed again. 
And then 24 more hours, vacuumed again. 
Who invented long-haired dogs anyway? Not.this.girl.

I removed Christmas from the front of the living areas and then I started working on the backside with that big ole tree in there.

I’ve meant to blog a few years ago about my Christmas storage that I’m slightly obsessed with.

I told the girls that when I’m gone, they’re to split my jewelry and purses, and when we’re both gone, they can split my Christmas storage because it’s that valuable. I’ve been adding pieces each year. {Sounds like wedding china} I think I’m done now as I’ve added in a tree storage thingy and light storage this year, and I have three ornament boxes and a wrapping container.

Aside from my family, friends, butterflies, bees, and dogs, storage and organization is my favorite thing. Ever.

I hope everyone is off to a good start for 2020. We had a very quiet NYE; the Coach and I had a nice dinner out at our favorite pizza place, then back to the comforts of our home.
Two of my girlfriends from down the street came over to share some wine and conversation with us.
Any night/holiday that is without complicated plans and includes wine is my kind of night.
Nice and easy. Like me. 🙂

Happy Monday.

15 thoughts on “I can still hear the squeak of the squeegee

  1. Oh my gosh! Note to self: never invite Suz to visit our cluttered, messy home with dusty windows! I was wowed by the sitting area by the front door with the amazing dog-face painting. Yowza. Then the kitchen – seriously! Love it. If you ever want to test just how slobbered up a place can look – I will drag my offspring into your space for a meal. That's really all it takes for them – one. single. meal. Your Christmas storage is super impressive. Since we JUST got our stuff up, I cannot force myself to take it down yet. I should do it today while the kids are home from school for one FINAL day and make them help. But, I did not make as much progress on my memoir over break, so I am ignoring everything (well, except my fav blogs!). Our ornaments get kinda wrapped in newspaper and then get divided by who owns it and then stuffed in plastic grocery bags with each kid's name written on the outside, then I gingerly dump all the bags into a giant rubbermaid bin and it gets shoved in the crawlspace. See above note about never having you visit. You might pull your hair out. 🙂


  2. I can't even with the clean glass – if you come here and clean mine I'll make sure The Husband whips up your favorite dish!! ;-)I having things organized…it makes me feel like I have some sort of control.


  3. Nicole-Nothing prettier than a clean countertop. But, they're NOT always that spotless. I took the pic on a 'good day'Christine-Thank you!Beth-Thank you-Happy 2020!!Ernie-When we had a family of four, it wasn't always so pristine. the Coach and I are very neat and the house stays very nice since there is only 2 of us. I like how you sort the ornaments by kid; that way they put up their own ornaments. Very smart. Can't wait to read your future book. Billie Jo-:) Thank youDebra-Organization makes me high! 😉 Gigi- I hated every minute while cleaning the glass. I have a company come twice a year, and they just came before Thanksgiving. I figured this time I had to do it myself. Begrudgingly though.


  4. I love organizational items too. I picked up a new little tray that fits perfectly in my buffet drawer and I practically did a dance filling the little slots with loose items. It's the little things that make life fun.


  5. So you don't throw stones often, huh? Wow! Your Christmas storage is, let's say, far superior to mine. Last year I went through all the stuff and got rid of some and it's a tiny bit better organized than it was before, which is still NOT VERY. I have envy.


  6. We're supposed to clean windows?? lol I vacuum almost every day due to the cat hair everywhere. Your Christmas stuff is more organized than mine. We have about 20 totes we just pile everything into.


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