Casa again, Casa again, Jiggity Jig.

We not only survived our convention/getaway to Riviera Maya, Mexico, but we had a fantastic time. 
Our business was invited to this event which was hosted by Cosentino (Quartz stone tops) for the top 100 dealers in the USA.  It was held at a five-star all-inclusive resort. We’ve never been to an ‘all-inclusive’ anything before, aside from a cruise we took as a family about 14 years ago (never again) so we didn’t know what to expect. 
Our room was quite awesome, as was the entire resort. There’s a little splash pool on the patio next to the perfect chaise lounge-for-a-nap-spot. 
Each night they hosted a dinner/event for the whole group. We ran into these guys; not sure what they really were. Mythical Aztec dragons? 

It was really windy for most of our stay, and Suz’s thin, fine hair doesn’t do wind well. That was my only complaint really and I had to whip out a clip or bobby pins quite often.

You could pop into any of the wonderful restaurants whenever you felt hungry. (most had dress codes for dinner though; no beachwear, shorts or flip flops at night)

When I think of Mexico, I think of chips & salsa, tacos, and margaritas. While you could find some of those things, the restaurants were quite gourmet; somewhat fancy.
Also, you could ask for room service 24 hours a day.
Want a glass of wine and some snacks at 1:32 am? Just give them a ring and it’ll be there within 10 minutes. Ya know, that could be dangerous for me. Well, I was most likely asleep dreaming about mythical dragons at that time, but you know what I mean.

I opted to have breakfast in the room each day because, mornings.

I ordered my regular fare; eggs, a bit of toast, coffee and fresh OJ. It always tastes better while wearing PJ’s. 
I was pleasantly surprised to see that they also added some dessert for me. Dessert after breakfast? 

Turns out, that was not the chocolate mousse cup that I suspected it was.
Refried beans in a tortilla.
Well played Mexico, well played. 

*no one got sick; it wasn’t even a thought at this resort. (unlike our last trip to Cabo)
* I was not kidnapped; not even an attempt was made.
* I didn’t do any shopping because we didn’t have an inch to spare in our suitcases. *sigh*

I’ll share a bit more from our fantastic trip later.


10 thoughts on “Casa again, Casa again, Jiggity Jig.

  1. Wow!!! Amazing!! I have never been but that looks like the way I would like to do Mexico. I dare say the round the clock room service could prove dangerous for ANYONE! Who would not gain some girth in a week there?! Those dragon things were mammoth. Oh, I so empathize with hair and wind. My hair is so thin it could wilt if someone breathes heavily in my direction. Wait, are we talking about heavy breathing? What's happening. 😉


  2. When we went to the Mayan Riviera, we stayed at an all-inclusive too. It was great. A few years later another Canadian couple was gruesomely murdered there. So you never can tell. But seriously, I think an all-inclusive is the way to go when visiting Mexico.


  3. What a super trip! I'm laughing about the breakfast dessert hahaha….my grandma used to always sing \”home again home again jiggity jig everytime we'd pull into the drive way so I thought of her while reading your post!Welcome home!


  4. I've never been to an all-inclusive either but sounds like it was totally successful. I haven't been to Mexico in years. I don't know if it was in my mind but I always felt there was something restful in the air in Mexico.


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