Using the blog to archive my life~ Our condo

Am I the only one who goes back through their blog, trying to remember something? I used to be very good at recording bigger and important stuff and I’m so happy that I do because the memory is-a-going. A few weeks ago I was trying to find some information about the time we went to Cabo San Lucas a few years ago and I realized, I didn’t blog anything about that trip. *insert sad face*

I remembered that I started to share a bit about our little condo back in 2018 just after we’d finished the renovation, but then I never posted about it again. I’m easily distracted. We purchased it to use as a rental, but also utilize it for ourselves when we have time.
I want to document a bit because we’re enjoying a long weekend here with our boat and it’s going to be rented for two full months in a hot minute. I know I’ll miss it so much!

This place was built in 1971 and was in dire need of updating. We gutted it completely, took down walls and only saved the toilets and the wood shutters in the bedrooms. We were attracted to this place because we can keep our boat on the bay, (just steps away from our door), it’s across the street from the Gulf of Mexico and you’re allowed to have two dogs (no size limit-which in unheard of in Naples) and it’s a small non-high rise complex. It’s a 2/2 at 1400 square feet; so it’s substantially smaller than our home and that might be one of the reasons we love spending time here; less work.

We were going for a beach cottage feel; very simple with light colors. We did shiplap from top to bottom; there is only a bit of drywall in the laundry room. All flat white paint. I did white slipcovers on the furniture and I love them; they clean well when needed. (dogs-red wine!)

The Coach designed the kitchen and bar area; white cabinets, user-friendly marble countertops throughout and he put in a bleached walnut island. *swoon* The bar/wine area is sweet; two of those big drawers are refrigerators; for beer, soda, water, and wine.

The flooring throughout is tile planks. It’s not the actual tiles that we’d picked out. The ones we chose were similar but much lighter in distress/color. We didn’t realize the wrong tiles were ordered until the install was complete. I lost some sleep over it for a few nights, then I got over it because there’s no way in hell we were ripping them out and starting over.

The master bedroom is very serene.

The Guest room; we removed both bedroom closets and used cabinets as wardrobes; major storage.

The bathrooms are simple and bright.

We’re so thrilled with the outcome. We’ve had lots of family and friends use it for getaways and it’s nice to share. It’s been rented to one couple a few times, but now it’s going to officially be rented for two months.
The only downside about condos is the HOA. But on the upside, they’re the reason our complex is pristine and in high demand.
Just don’t let your dog pee in the wrong area.

13 thoughts on “Using the blog to archive my life~ Our condo

  1. Wow!Thank you for sharing this!I am going to show Steve.He would love a condo on the beach.You did an amazing job decorating, my friend.And I LOVE the flooring!!!!!!!Enjoy!!!And the renters are going to be thrilled. : )


  2. Oh. My. Goodness. What a beaut. Sounds serene. Looks lovely and inviting. We have 2 fridge drawers in our mini island- it is nestled between the kitchen and family room and is the most popular spot in the house. I rarely sit there . . . um, cuz I rarely sit- but when I do it gives me a bird's eye view of the two rooms. I felt like it was a total luxury getting those fridge drawers but now when they do not work (manufacturer issue that caused them to break down like 8 times in 2 yrs-ugh) we struggle to get by without them. Your place does not look small but just the right size. Well done! Those renters better behave in there!


  3. Your condo is gorgeous. I predict that once word gets out about it you will have trouble keeping it for yourselves for a weekend or two. You did a wonderfuljob with the decor.


  4. Oh my gosh it is beautiful! I love everything about it! You should watch Instant Hotel on Netflix…you should be on there!Haha yes I often look up stuff on my blog and am disappointed when I realize I didn't blog about it…like my church I was just looking for the other day!


  5. Gorgeous!!! I often look back at Facebook trying to remember when something happened. We have toyed with the idea of a beach condo or a beach house in Gulf Shores, AL. Even a condo in Orlando so we'd have our own place to stay when we visit Disney. Someday…


  6. Holy crap, that is knock-your-eye-out gorgeous. I used to think white everywhere in a house was boring, but at this point in my life it just seems clean and restful. And your dogs on the boat reminded me of being at our friends' cottage this summer when their old, blind dog kept walking right off the dock and having to be plucked out of the water. Repeatedly.


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